Evil Dead: The Game – Brock Williams Survivor Guide

Evil Dead: The Game seems to listen to what the fans request. Brock Williams has been asked to be part of the roster since launch and now, he’s finally here. Now, he is naturally part of the Leader Class and he comes with some rather unique buffs. He comes with an aura that directly affects members of the Williams family. Additionally, he also comes with upgrades that prevent knockback and more. Brock is a rock-solid addition to the Leader Class in which he also comes with some rather interesting nuances. Just like every other character, there are various ways to build him up. This guide will outline the basic necessities of where to start with Brock, which will let players ultimately decide where to go from there.

When it comes to Brock, his presence will toughen up other members of the team in Evil Dead: The Game. Especially, when it comes to Ash and Cheryl Williams. Basically, other team members will have special influences within his aura. So, when it especially comes to the later stages of the match, pretty much everybody can have a little more of a tanky edge to them. Thusly, Brock also comes with deeper carry abilities than the other leaders. He has the ability to carry more items, which he can freely share with other teammates while in a pinch. He’s a seasoned warrior that likes to look after his team and this is exactly how he plays in this game. Of course, players all control their characters differently and Brock Williams comes with a distinct flavor that is very different than the other characters in the Leader Class.

Brock is a hearty fighter. He can withstand a lot of damage and hold his own against hordes of Deadites, pretty well. So, looking to upgrade his health might be best saved for later. Instead, players might be better off focusing on Brock’s defense and carrying abilities. Since Brock is a walking inventory, it will be smart to take advantage of that. It can be easy to run dry at the last phase of the match, and an efficient Brock player can turn the tide.

Brock’s Skills

Life Of The Party

  • This ability becomes available at Prestige 1. Brock’s aura will affect different classes accordingly; Leaders have fear reduction, Warriors have increased melee damage, Hunters have increased range damage and Support have better cooldown speed.

All Eyes On Me

  • This becomes unlocked at Prestige 5. This is a passive ability in which Brock will become resistant to knockbacks. Thus, his aura will be increased and all the perks will be enhanced among all the classes which are affected by the Life of the Party skill.

Blood Ties

  • This is unlocked at Prestige 10. Within Brock’s aura, non-members of the Williams family will have increased healing abilities. Meanwhile, members of the Williams family will have damage reduction.

I Am The Manager

  • Lastly, this skill is unlocked at Prestige 25. This will enable Brock to carry two more matches, two more Shemps, and two more amulets. Plus, he can carry more ammunition by 15.

First Focus On Brock’s Supportive Abilities

Given that Brock has arguably the best aura within the Leader Class of Evil Dead: The Game, it’s best to tinker with it first. So, unlocking the Great Influence perk will increase its range, which could potentially help out teammates that like to wander off a little bit. Also, unlocking Quicker Cooldown and Arcane knowledge is useful for pretty much any character in the Leader Class. Brock is no exception. Lastly, Master of Influence is worth unlocking to juice up the aforementioned buffs the different classes get within Brock’s aura.

Secondly, Build Up Brock’s Attacking Abilities

It is no secret that Brock is a bone-crushing hand-to-hand combatant. The Leader Class is pretty malleable in Evil Dead: The Game. Players can customize a build any way they please. In terms of melee, Seeing Stars can set demons in a daze much more quickly. Plus, Devastating Force can really help out Brock with smacking around Deadites while being surrounded. As far as ranged weapons, Stopping Power and Hollow Points can make all the difference when it comes to guns. These abilities are good starting points with upgrading Brock, in which a player can branch out and experiment with different builds at their discretion.

Lastly, Build Up Brock’s Support Abilities

Now, given that Brock comes with pretty good support perks with his passive skills, it is possible to stack them with other abilities. Deep Pockets can help out with storing extra matches on top of his I Am The Manager skill. On top of that, using the Deep Pockets: Ammo ability will enable Brock to twice his maximum ammo carrying capacity. As mentioned before, Brock is best used as a Leader who wants to share his resources. At the last phase of the match, this is when items will be sorely needed with teammates. Lastly, Improved Amulet helps out Brock just as the same as any other character. In terms of abilities, the amulet does nothing special for Brock as it does with Pablo. However, they are nice to have a little more protection when getting jumped by Deadites.


With Evil Dead: The Game, Brock Williams can be a heavy-weight leader once players start tweaking his abilities and seeing what he can do. He is best when used as a mule carrying extra resources for the other players. Running out of ammunition, amulets and Shemp’s Cola can make a match go downhill fast. This guide is a good foundation on how to start building up Brock to make him play like the seasoned leader that he is. Evil Dead: The Game is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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