How to Play “Stranded Deep” Split-Screen Multiplayer PC

The video game “Stranded Deep” is a popular survival genre game that takes you on a somewhat grueling adventure. The airplane you’re on crashes. Your location is somewhere in the pacific ocean as the survivor of the crash. You and the other survivors must face life and death encounters throughout the Pacific islands in a hostile and unforgiving environment. The game was designed to be a co-op version, and it is. The problem is that you can’t play beyond 2 player mode. Some players voice their concerns about whether the game will be available in multiplayer mode. “Stranded Deep” is made for different platforms, but if you prefer to play in multiplayer mode with a split-screen feature, the only way to do so is to access the game on your PC.

Is “Stranded Deep” available in multiplayer split-screen?

Tech Times explains that the split-screen feature can only be accessed when you’re playing the game on a PC. Although the game is available on PS4 and Xbox One, the split-screen feature is not available on the consoles. They further confirm that the developer has not yet discussed the likelihood of this version becoming available on other popular gaming consoles.

How do you play “Stranded Deep” in split-screen Multiplayer on PC?

PC players are fortunate to have this version of the game with its full functionality available to them. Most gamers wonder how to play “Stranded Deep” in multiplayer split-screen mode on their PCs. We’ve put together a short guide to walk you through the process and help you get started.

  • Step 1: Preparation – The first step is to make sure that your game controller is properly connected to your PC. This helps you get prepared. If you start the game before your controller is connected, it’s okay. You can still get it connected after you have the game running.
  • Step 2: Find the Options-Input-Controllers – Go to the Controllers option when you get there and hover your controller. You should see the options keyboard, mouse, Xinput Gamepad 1. On the right side of your PC, you will see the symbol P1. Below the option, the word None must be selected. Click on the P1 option to convert into P2. This sets you up for split-screen multiplayer mode for the “Stranded Deep” game on PC.

How to play “Stranded Deep” with friends

When you’re all set up to play in multiplayer or co-op mode, you will see your friends appear as an avatar on your screen. This tells you that you’re in multiplayer split-screen mode. According to HitC, there is not yet an online version of the game. This is strictly a co-op game. You also have the option of playing as a single-player, which is still fun. Game Skinny also advises that you can get the Remote Play Together function from Steam to play “Stranded Deep” with your pals. Co-Optimus gives us an overview of the features of the PC Version. It’s highly rated at number 4 with local co-op only. You can play with 1 or 2 players. Neither online co-op nor combo co-op is available either local or online, Lan Play or System link is supported.

What are the Co-op extras for “Stranded Deep?”

Extras that come with the co-op include a co-op campaign, drop in and drop out, split-screen, OSX version available, It’s compatible with Linux/Steam OS, and it is downloadable only.

Other cool features of “Stranded Deep”

If you want to learn more about “Stranded Deep” the survival game includes exploration on land and underwater. Players must look for supplies to make shelter, weapons, and tools which are crafted with the materials you find in the environment. Your character will experience hunger, thirst and can be damaged by exposure. You must create a shelter and find fresh water and food to consume to stay alive. There are quite a few environments for you to explore in your quest to find the goods and supplies to keep you going. You will explore some interesting environments in the ocean, but be careful, you’ll encounter some frightening and dangerous sea creatures in your journey. As a player in the game, your greatest challenge is to say alive.

PS4 and Xbox One players will have to go solo

According to Game Rant, the multiplayer split-screen feature for PC indicates that the developers may expand the feature for more than 2 players to join together in the future. Although this hasn’t been confirmed, there is certainly room for its further development, at least on PC. For the time being, PS4 and Xbox One players are out of luck, and you can only play with 2 players on PC. It could be that the game is designed to create a sense of isolation. So far, it doesn’t give you much choice for multiplayer interaction. Players are hoping that will change. Although you can play co-op with a friend, it’s not quite the same as playing with true multiplayer support that allows a group to join in. It might be novel if all survivors of the crash could be represented at one time in the game, but this is an item for the wishlist for any sequels or upcoming chapters of the game.

Final thoughts

“Stranded Deep” may not offer true multiplayer support, but it’s still immersive and challenging. At least you get to play with one friend if you like. For now, that’s as close to multiplayer as you’re going to get if you play it on PC. Even though you won’t be able to join a group, the game is enjoyable as it is. It’s intended to create feelings of isolation because after all, the main theme is being stranded, which in itself creates a sense of loneliness.

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