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Romance Dragon Age

Bioware built its reputation on a certain kind of RPG. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that its last release in the Dragon Age series – Dragon Age Inquisition – has plenty of romance options for those who are interested in that sort of thing. Due to this, interested individuals might want to read up so that they can plan ahead. For those who are curious, here are the romance options that can be found in Dragon Age Inquisition:


For the most part, Blackwall is a pretty simple and straightforward character to romance. First, interested individuals need to be playing a female Inquisitor. Second, they need to get on his good side rather than his bad side. Generally speaking, Blackwall approves when the player helps other people. Unsurprisingly, this means that he is much less enthusiastic when it comes to supporting the cruel, the selfish, and the power-hungry. Besides this, Blackwall is very supportive of the Grey Wardens, which is why he approves of supporting either the Gray Wardens or the Gray Wardens’ allies. In fact, the player can get a fair amount of approval by hunting down the Darkspawn both in and out of relevant missions. It is interesting to note that Blackwall’s fondness for the Grey Wardens extends to some extent to other organizations that put a huge emphasis on service, meaning that he won’t be enthusiastic about the player either breaking them up or otherwise hurting their interests.


Cassandra Pentaghast can be summed up as a character with a tough exterior concealing a surprisingly optimistic sentimentalist. Regardless, interested individuals need to be playing a male Inquisitor in order to get her romantic interest. In contrast, female Inquisitors can get approval by flirting because she finds the attention to be flattering, but there will come a point when she says that she isn’t interested. Personality-wise, Cassandra is a pious, dutiful, and compassionate person, so it should come as no surprise to learn that she likes people who behave in a way that aligns with her personal beliefs. She comes from a Chantry background, meaning that she shares a lot of Chantry beleifs. However, Cassandra is very open to reforming not just the Chantry but also Chantry-related organizations.


Cullen Rutherford is one of the advisers who can be romanced so long as players are in tune with his ex-templar sensibilities. However, please note that players might be playing a female Inquisitor who is either a human or an elf. It is interesting to note that Cullen struggles with a lyrium addiction, meaning that players who want to romance him shouldn’t suggest that he go back on said substance.


Dorian is gay, meaning that interested individuals will have to play a male Inquisitor in order to romance him. Since he is a mage, it makes perfect sense that he approves when the player supports mages. However, there is a limit to this in that Dorian has a perfectly rational wariness of blood magic as well as other forbidden forms of magic, meaning that those are no good in his opinion. Meanwhile, while Dorian’s relationship with his homeland of Tevinter is rather complicated, that doesn’t mean that he enjoys hearing other people insult within his hearing. As for the rest, he appreciates wit mixed in with a bit of playfulness when it comes to human interaction, which is something that interested individuals will want to keep in mind.

Iron Bull

Iron Bull is convenient in that sense that he can be romanced by an Inquisitor of any sex and any race. Moreover, it is very easy to get on his good side. In part, this is because Iron Bull approves of killing the Venatori, meaning that interested individuals can just bring him along to one of the areas crawling with Venatori enemies. However, if the player is looking for something more challenging, they will want to hunt a High Dragon with him, which has a similar effect. Please note that there are a number of events that can be used to get more approval with Iron Bull. One example would be a follow-up event to a successful High Dragon hunt, in which the player can get approval by just agreeing with what Iron Bull says and drinking up when he prompts them. Other examples would be bringing on the templars as free allies and conscripting the rebel mages rather than bringing them on as free allies.


Josephine is open to romantic relationships with either male Inquisitors or female Inquisitors. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she tends to prefer more diplomatic individuals rather than those who use either threats or brute force to get their way. In any case, interested individuals can initiate her romance by completing her first personal quest, which should get them a visit from Leliana. Once that happens, players can proceed further by making their romantic intentions towards Josephine known.


Sera can be romanced by female Inquisitors. Personality-wise, she is slow to trust. As a result, Sera is similar to most characters in that she likes being agreed with by the player. Moreover, she does not enjoy either being disagreed with or even being questioned about various matters. Speaking of which, while Sera is an elf, she cares little about elven culture, so much so that even asking her about anything to do with elves can cause a fair amount of dispproval. Besides this, Sera is also not so fond of mages, meaning that she is less than enthusiastic about supporting either mages or the magic wielded by mages.


Players must play a female elven Inquisitor if they want to romance Solas. Personality-wise, he approves of intelligence as well as thoughfulness, so much so that this remains true even when that veers into ruthlessness. For the most part, Solas is supportive of both elves and mages, which extends to a lesser extent to other marginalized groups. However, he puts a huge emphasis on open-mindedness, with the result that an elven Inquisitor who gets defensive about elven culture will win no points with him. On top of this, Solas approves of knowledge-seeking as well as those who engage in knowledge-seeking, which is tied in with his belief in the freedom of thought.

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