When You Give a Fallout Baby a Gun…

I have a theory that Europeans have a much easier time making lets play videos on the internet because Americans are obsessed with foreign accents and think they’re inherently cool and/or hilarious. And while Swedish player Robbaz is no exception, the concept for this video is pretty damn funny as well.

Using console commands, he gave his vault dweller the ability to wield a pistol from the earliest moments of the game. The result? You can kill your father as a baby (“It’s the perfect crime, no one will ever suspect a baby!”), murder everyone at your birthday party for giving you crappy gifts, and finally show those tunnel snakes who’s boss by splattering them all over the vault walls.

Alright, time to boot up Fallout: New Vegas again and attempt to actually finish it before GTA V comes out. Then life becomes a black hole.

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  1. I’m gonna fall somewhere between the two of you. His comments add to it, but since he feels the need to constantly talk, it becomes very hit or miss, and ends up bringing the end product down. If he could just be a little more picky about what he chooses to say, it’d do wonders.

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