How to Get the Zoologist in Terraria

Zoologist in Terraria

The Zoologist is a new NPC (non-player character) added to Terraria in its massive 1.4 updates, also referred to as Journey’s End. The update saw the introduction of two new NPCs, the Golfer and the Zoologist. According to the game plot, these are brother and sister. The Zoologist in Terraria features a fox girl from whom you can buy various items. With lots of players searching for the location of the Zoologist, here we will explain how to get a zoologist in Terraria and everything else you need to know.

Terraria Game Overview

Terraria is an interactive sandbox developed by Re-Logic in 2011. Due to the game’s popularity, Terraria was made available to various handhelds and consoles. It now features a new look and is becoming more enjoyable and thrilling. More so, it’s always on top of the sales chart to display the highest performance, with more than thirty million players engaging in the game per month. If you are one of those that enjoy and are addicted to this game and searching for how to unlock the Zoologist, read on to the end.

Who Is the Zoologist in Terraria?

The Zoologist is an NPC vendor that trades several items and vanity items with an animal theme. She has a range of new items for players to buy. However, before players can browse her wares, they will need to get her to spawn, which will need to fulfill two specific criteria. According to, once you attain the two criteria, you can unlock the Zoologist and speak to her in Terraria to get kites, pets, minecarts and more.

How To Summon the Zoologist in Terraria?

To get the Zoologist in Terraria, you need to ensure that you have an empty house for her to move in and make some progress on your Bestiary. The Bestiary must be 10% filled out at the minimum, which is 52 NPCs. For the unversed, the Bestiary was also presented in Terraria 1.4, and players can fill it with information about the various game creatures by killing them with a weapon. For the Zoologist in Terraria to appear, players will have to attain 52 entries in their Bestiary, which should be relatively easy to achieve. The Fox girl Zoologist will appear and settle in the house when you meet the condition. You can achieve this by simply talking to NPCs or encountering enemies in the game, and the entries will be filled out automatically. If you had been playing the game before the release of, none of the encounters would have gained you any entries.

What Is the Bestiary?

The Bestiary is also a new gameplay addition to the Terraria 1.4 update, Journey’s End. Now that the Bestiary also appears in the Terraria 1.4 update, it is important to look at this artifact in more detail. In the Bestiary situated next to the Inventory interface, there are several enemies and NPCs listed that players will encounter. The Bestiary is tied to the world but not to the character. Generally, a bestiary is a book where all the defeated monsters and unlocked NPCs are recorded. When players see or defeat enemies and NPCs, an entry in the Bestiary describes the entry. To access more information on a particular entry, you will require to interact with it several times. A single kill will show the name and portrait; 10 kills will display stats and description; 25 kills display the items they can drop, while 50 kills will show the probability of an item they drop. For bosses, you only need to make a single kill to show all the information about it. Only being within their proximity will begin to display their information for Critters. For NPCs, the number of times players stay in a dialogue with them will be taken as an interaction.

What Does the Zoologist Do?

Once you get the Zoologist in Terraria, you will then be able to start purchasing things from her. The Zoologist sells several items based on how much Bestiary has been filled out. The most noticeable items are the massive assortment of pets, mounts, and an item that prevents the death of critters when in your inventory. The Zoologist also attacks enemies that come within range with her claws. This said, her complete inventory is not available at all times, and some items will only appear after players meet particular requirements.

How To Create a House for The Zoologist?

To summon the Zoologist, you need to prepare a free home for her and have 52 NPCs. When it comes to the house, she has no unique preferences. You just need to prepare a free home for her and install everything she requires for a comfortable stay. The vital thing is that the Zoologist’s house should be located separately from the other characters.

Where Does the Zoologist Prefer to Live?

Another fact you need to know about the Zoologist in Terraria 1.4 is her preferred biome is in the forest, with her favorite neighbors being the Witch Doctor, the Golfer, and the Princess. On the other hand, she does not like living in the desert and prefers keeping her distance from Arms Dealer and the Angler. These are vital detail to know because they affect the overall happiness of the Zoologist, which will determine if she is willing to sell her Forest Pylons to players. However, in keeping the above points in mind, you can satisfy their Zoologist NPC and purchase various items at a reduced price. You can even make the Zoologist make a sale of her Forest pylon by doing this.

Bottom Line

This is everything you need to know about getting a zoologist in Terraria. Ultimately, players that want to get the Zoologist in Terraria should simply set up an empty house and begin working on filling their bestiaries with a minimum of 52 NPCs needed to unlock the Zoologist. While any critters can readily complete the second objective, players feeling bold might want to take on the new bosses in Terraria and add them to their Bestiary.

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