20 Things You Didn’t Know about Mono from Little Nightmares

Mono from Little Nightmares

Mono is one of the most notable characters from the Little Nightmares franchise. Primarily, this is because he is the protagonist of Little Nightmares II. However, it is interesting to note that Mono was in Little Nightmares Comics as well. As such, interested individuals have been provided with a great deal of information about the character. Even so, the nature of the franchise means that there are more questions than answers.

1. Has a Meaningful Name

Mono isn’t exactly the most common name out there. However, it is stuffed full of meaning. After all, Mono comes from the Greek mono meaning “alone.” A concept that is rich in symbolism to say the least, particularly since it can also be interpreted to mean “one.”

2. His Name Could Be a Reference to Monochrome TV

Unfortunately, it isn’t quite clear what Mono is a reference to. One popular line of speculation is that the name refers to monochrome TV, which might be better-known to interested individuals as black-and-white TV. This is based on the nature of the character’s powers.

3. His Name Could Be a Reference to Monophobia

Another popular line of speculation is that the name refers to monophobia. That would be the fear of being lonely. Sometimes, sufferers from the condition become fearful of being separated from a particular person. Other times, they can be fearful of either being home alone or being out in public alone. Simply put, a wide range of people can show a wide range of symptoms because of phobias being phobias. In any case, this line of speculation is based on what happens to Mono at the end of Little Nightmares II.

4. His Name Could Be a Reference to His Nature

It is possible that Mono’s name is a reference to his nature, though this requires more stretching of things than most. In short, he is described as being a very determined individual, so much so that it is rare for him to give up once he has decided to do something. As such, one could say that Mono is a very single-minded person. Something that drives a lot of the events of Little Nightmares II.

5. Is a Child

The protagonists of the Little Nightmares franchise are consistently children. Mono is no exception to this rule. It isn’t clear why the protagonists of the Little Nightmares franchise are consistently children. However, it might be for thematic purposes. Essentially, it makes it very clear that the protagonists are moving about in a world that was never meant for them, with the result that the latter is either indifferent or even outright hostile to their struggles. Moreover, everyone was a child at some point, meaning that it is very easy for most people to relate to the fear of being small and fearless while surrounded by giants.

6. More Physically-Capable than His Predecessors

Having said that, it is interesting to note that Mono seems to be bigger than his predecessors, with the result that he is more physically-capable than them as well. This can be seen in how the character is capable of fighting. Mono can’t take out giant monsters in a head-to-head confrontation. However, he is quite good at making his way through rather than around similar-sized enemies using various improvised weapons.

7. Survives in a World Gone Mad

In any case, the Little Nightmares setting is very unpleasant. We haven’t exactly gotten a good look at everything that is going on. However, civilization seems to have broken up, with the result that giant-sized monsters have carved out fiefdoms for themselves everywhere. There are no adults around save for the seeming remnants of their victimization. Instead, the closest things to active adults would be those aforementioned giant-sized monsters as well as their lesser counterparts. Even so, there are plenty of children running around, who are very much not safe. Summed up, the Little Nightmares settings is, well, nightmarish. As such, it says a lot that Mono manages to survive in it.

8. Wears a Paper Bag

Little Nightmares protagonists tend to be very recognizable. For instance, Six wears a yellow raincoat, which stands out a great deal from the general look of the Little Nightmares setting. This makes a lot of practical sense because players need to be able to pick out the protagonist. In Mono’s case, he wears a shirt, a pair of rolled-up pants, and a one-buttoned trench coat. However, the most iconic element of his costume would be the paper bag that he wears over his head, which makes him recognizable with a single look. There are hats that can be collected in the game, but the paper bag is what Mono uses in canon.

9. Not the First Little Nightmares Protagonist to Have His Face Obscured

The face plays an enormous role in human interaction. As a result, the obscuring of the face is often very meaningful in media. It is interesting to note that Mono isn’t the first Little Nightmares protagonist to have his face be obscured, though he is still somewhat unusual in that his face is obscured by an object rather than the strategic use of shadows. Regardless, Little Nightmares 2 states that Mono wears the paper bag as a sort of psychological defense from the world around him, which to be fair, sounds very reasonable considering the setting in which he exists.

10. First Little Nightmares Protagonist to Have His Face Revealed

Curiously, Mono is also the first Little Nightmares protagonist to have his face revealed. This happens because of a conscious choice on his part to stop hiding from the world around him. As such, there is a noticeable change in how Mono behaves by that point in the game as well. Besides this, the reveal of the character’s face is also interesting because of his eventual fate.

11. Has Strong Protective Instincts

Personality-wise, one of Mono’s most notable characteristics is that he has strong protective instincts. This can be seen by the great lengths to which he goes for the purpose of helping out Six, who seems to be quite a bit younger than him. Mono was willing to go up against more than one of the giant-sized monsters for her sake, which speaks of considerable courage on his part to say the least.

12. Killed the Hunter

One of the major antagonists encountered in Little Nightmares II would be the Hunter, who is called thus because he hunts people, kills them, and then stuffs them. Sheer size means that a head-to-head confrontation would be suicidal. Never mind the fact that the Hunter carries a shotgun with him. However, he is one of the antagonists who is too persistent in the chase, with the result that he is eventually shot by one of his own shotguns retrieved by Mono and Six working together. Something that made for a very satisfying conclusion to that particular sequence.

13. Escaped the Teacher

The next major antagonist was the Teacher, who looked like a relatively normal teacher from the early 20th century in a lot of respects. Indeed, she even had a number of very human characteristics, with one example being her willingness to believe that a noise was nothing more than coincidence and another example being her considerable skill with the piano. Of course, that facade falls away the moment when she started stretching her neck to serpentine lengths. For that matter, there were plenty of moments in the school that made it clear that the Teacher had a taste for cruelty. Mono and Six never managed to deal with her in a permanent manner, but they nonetheless managed to make their way out.

14. Might Have Killed the Doctor

After the Teacher came the Doctor, a overweight, middle-aged man who was nonetheless capable of moving with remarkable speed by crawling upon the ceiling. Something that sounds ridiculous until one sees it in action, which reveals it to be quite disconcerting. The Doctor is another example of an antagonist who pursues too persistently, with the result that he winds up trapped in a crematory machine. It is possible for the player to just move on without killing him. However, it should be mentioned that the area is filled with giant-sized monsters cobbled together using human parts and mannequin parts, which were created by exactly the individual that one would expect.

15. Seemed to Have Killed the Thin Man

Having said that, the major antagonist from Little Nightmares II that gets the most discussion would be the Thin Man, who looks like a very tall, very thin man in a black hat and a black suit. Said figure has a color scheme that is rather reminiscent of black-and-white TV, which is very fitting because the game makes it very clear that he possesses some kind of TV-related power. Regardless, the Thin Man seemed to have been killed by Mono because collapsing before crumbling into wisps of darkness tends not to be a sign of continuing good health.

16. Got Betrayed By Six

The ending of Little Nightmares II received a lot of attention. This is because while Mono and Six were running away from a crumbling building, there was a moment when Mono had to jump before being caught by Six. However, the latter didn’t pull him up. Instead, she dropped him, which was seen as a betrayal by a lot of people out there. It isn’t clear why this happened. Some players think that Six did so because she was carrying a grudge after Mono hurt her while returning her to her normal form after her transformation into a monster. Other players think that she might have dropped Mono to spare him because there was a clear indication that she was hungry. Something that has been known to result in death for people around her in the first game.

17. Possesses TV-Related Powers

It isn’t clear how the giant-sized monsters in the Little Nightmares setting came to be. However, it seems clear that at least some of them were once normal humans. As a result, normal humans exhibiting abnormal powers seems like a cause for concern because that could indicate a gradual transformation of some kind. In Mono’s case, he started exhibiting TV-related powers later in the game.

18. Became the Tall Man

The other character to exhibit TV-related powers was the Tall Man. Due to this, it was natural for people to draw a connection between Mono and the Tall Man, particularly since the former’s TV-related powers seemed like a much less experienced version of the latter’s TV-related powers. Still, a lot of people were very surprised when Mono outright became the Tall Man in the ending of Little Nightmares II, having apparently been shattered by Six’s betrayal.

19. Might Be Caught in a Time Loop

It isn’t clear what was going on in the game. One theory is that Mono is caught in a time-loop. Essentially, he grows up to become the Tall Man after he has been betrayed by Six. As a result, the Tall Man sends signals to get Mono to release him from the Tower, thus enabling him to get his revenge as well as prevent his younger self from being betrayed. Unfortunately, the Tall Man’s actions do a great deal to keep Mono on-track, thus ensuring that he will be betrayed before turning into his future self.

20. Might Be the Tall Man’s Successor

Another theory is that Mono is the Tall Man’s successor rather than the Tall Man himself. Essentially, this says that at least some of the giant-sized monsters are doomed to be replaced by compatible candidates. Mono is that candidate for the Tall Man, just as how Six is that candidate for the Lady from the first game. In the theory, he doesn’t have TV-related powers because he is the Tall Man’s younger counterpart. Instead, both he and the Tall Man possess powers of a shared nature, thus making them suitable for filling the same position. Curiously, Mono is known to have encountered the Tall Figure as well, who wasn’t the Tall Man but nonetheless possessed enough similarities for people to speculate about a connection between them.

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