20 Things You Didn’t Know about Genshin Impact’s Fischl

Genshin Impact's Fischl

Fischl is a playable character from Genshin Impact. She is an Electro bow user who sees a fair amount of use because she is very good at being sub DPS as well as otherwise providing support. However, it is possible that there is more to Fischl than meets the eye, meaning that she might have an important role in the story that is still to come.

1. Her Full Name Is Fischl von Luftschloss Narfidort

Fischl’s full name is Fischl von Luftschloss Narfidort. There is much that can be said about it. First, Fischl seems to mean “little fish.” Second, the von can mean that someone comes from a noble family, though the von can also mean that someone is either of a particular place or from a particular place. Third, Luftscholoss can mean an imaginary place, which makes sense because its literal translation would be “sky castle.”

2. Fischl Isn’t Her Real Name

Having said that, it is important to note that Fischl isn’t the character’s real name. Instead, it is the name of a character from her favorite book series. In other words, Fischl is pretty much the Genshin Impact setting’s version of an A Song of Ice and Fire superfan roleplaying as Daenerys Targaryen in real life.

3. Her Real Name Is Amy

Fischl’s real name isn’t revealed in the game itself. However, her trailer had her father calling her home for supper. Said individual called her Amy rather than Fischl, so it seems safe to say that would be her real name.

4. Her Real Name Is Kind of Suspicious

Amusingly, Amy is kind of a suspicious name in the context of Genshin Impact. It sounds very normal, which makes sense because its whole point is to serve as a contrast to Fischl von Luftschloss Narfidort. However, there is apparently a demon named Amy in Christian demonology. This is relevant because a lot of gods in Genshin Impact have names from Christian demonology, which is speculated to be the result of its setting having been inspired to a considerable extent by Gnosticism. It isn’t clear whether this means that there is something more to Fischl than what has been revealed so far. Still, it seems safe to say that the choice of name was intentional because the demon named Amy is said to have been good for giving familiars as well as revealing treasures, both of which are relevant to this character.

5. She Is a Character With Chunibyo

For those who are unfamiliar, Fischl is Genshin Impact’s take on a character with chunibyo. The latter means “middle school second year syndrome,” which is why it is sometimes translated as “eighth grade syndrome.” Chunibyo refers to early teenagers who have grandiose delusions, so much so that they convince themselves that they have either secret powers, hidden knowledge, or something else along those lines that makes them stand out.

6. She Is a Sympathetic Take On a Character With Chunibyo

Naturally, characters with chunibyo can be presented in a wide range of ways in animesque media. Sometimes, they are just obnoxious through and through. However, it is very common for them to be presented with at least some positive characteristics, not least because it is very common for the consumers of animesque media to see a bit of their younger selves in these characters. Fischl is one of those characters with chunibyo who are presented in a sympathetic light. It doesn’t come up much but it has been made clear that her strange behavior doesn’t come from a happy place.

7. She Is a Rather Ironic Character With Chunibyo

One can make a very good argument that Fischl is a rather ironic character with chunibyo as well. After all, she is a super-powered adventurer in a fantasy setting. Someone who has been granted a Vision in a setting in which Vision users are believed to be exceptional individuals blessed by the gods. Despite this, Fischl remains a character with chunibyo because she makes herself out to be even more fantastical than she is.

8. She Claims to Be Someone From Another World

To name an example, Fischl claims that she is a person from another world, which makes sense because the character that she based herself upon is a person from another world. Theoretically speaking, this is possible. There are characters in the Genshin Impact setting who come from another world. In practice, well, the fact that she is known to have been raised by normal parents in the Genshin Impact setting suggests that she isn’t one of them.

9. Can Tell That the Traveler Came From Another World

Fischl’s strong sense of intuition produces strange insights from time to time. For instance, she is one of the few characters who seem to realize that the Traveler comes from another world.

10. It Isn’t Clear Why She Can Tell That the Traveler Came From Another World

It isn’t clear why Fischl can tell that the Traveler came from another world, which is interesting because there is a clear explanation for every other character capable of the same. For example, Albedo observed that the Traveler was capable of breaking a fundamental rule for what is and isn’t possible in the Genshin Impact setting, which was presumably helped out by the fact that he is familiar with someone who either travels between worlds or knows people who travel between worlds. Similarly, Mona is an astrologist who can read the fates of other people, which includes the ability to tell that the Traveler came from another world because she can’t read their fate. It is possible that Fischl can tell that the Traveler came from another world for a very mundane reason. However, considering everything else that is going on, it isn’t unreasonable to speculate that there is something more going on as well.

11. Guessed What Was Going On in the Unreconciled Stars Event

There is an even better example of Fischl’s strong sense of intuition from the Unreconciled Stars event. She was 100 percent right when she guessed that the whole thing was caused by a curse from an unknown power. Something that was particularly impressive because Fischl’s guess caught Mona off-guard even though Mona is a very dedicated student of a discipline that is all about predicting the future.

12. Stated to Have Strangely Good Intuition

To name something even stranger, the same event revealed that Fischl’s intuitions tend to be right. This is true even though they tend to seem nonsensical. Furthermore, this is true even though she sometimes can’t explain how she reached her conclusions. Presumably, this is one of the things that enable Fischl to be the skilled investigator that she is supposed to be in spite of her social issues.

13. Has a Familiar

Amusingly, one of the things that make Fischl a rather ironic character with chunibyo is that she has a familiar in the form of a huge, magical raven named Oz, which is short for Ozvaldo von Hrafnavines. She has a number of useful powers related to the raven. For example, Fischl can see through Oz’s eyes. Similarly, Fischl can merge with Oz for a time, thus enabling the duo to blast surrounding enemies with electricity.

15. Her Familiar Serves As Her Interpreter

The single most notable thing about Oz might be the fact that he happens to be very intelligent as well as very well-spoken. Ravens are already very smart animals in the real world. However, Oz is presented as being a full-fledged character in his own right. Often-times, he serves as an interpreter for Fischl, thus facilitating interactions between her and the rest of the world. Having said that, while Oz is very supportive of his master, he has been known to make jokes about what she is doing from time to time. Something that suggests that there is an independent mind in there.

15. Oz Looks Like Kanna Kapatcir

Overlooking the fact that he is a huge, magical raven, Oz has some very strange things about him as well. In particular, he looks a lot like Kanna Kapatcir, the Great Thunderbird of Tsurumi Island who slaughtered the human inhabitants of the place when they sacrificed a boy she had grown fond of to her. There is no way to tell what is going on at this point in time. It is possible that the two characters look similar because there are only so many ways to design an electrical bird. However, that seems improbable when the two look like members of the same species.

16. Her Constellation Is Corvus

Naturally, Fischl’s constellation is Corvus, which would be Latin for “raven.” It is the name of a real constellation. The Greeks imagined it to be a bird that had been punished by Apollo for lying to the Olympian god, though there is more than one story for exactly what happened. Other cultures had their own stories for the same constellation. To name a particularly interesting example, the Tupi people in what is now Brazil might have seen it as a grill on which fish was supposed to be grilled.

17. Surprisingly Good At Presentation

Fischl’s special food is called Die Heilige Sinfonie. It doesn’t suggest a great deal of culinary skill on her part, though it doesn’t suggest a great lack of culinary skill on her part either. This is because Die Heilige Sinfonie is Fischl’s take on a cold cut platter. Still, it does show that Fischl is surprisingly good at presentation even if she takes the cold cut platter in a rather unusual direction.

18. Unsurprisingly Good At Expeditions

It is interesting to note that Fischl can complete expeditions in Mondstadt faster than most characters. This makes sense because she is supposed to be a very good adventurer in spite of her strange behaviors, though that raises the question of how she has managed to become one. For context, Fischl acquired her Vision when she was at the age of 14. In the “present” of Genshin Impact, she is implied to still be a teenager because Oz has said that she hasn’t reached drinking age.

19. Versatile Character

Mechanics-wise, Fischl is a versatile character. She can be a DPS character that relies on normal attacks rather than charged attacks. However, Fischl tends to be better in a supporting role. This is because she can summon Oz, who is effectively a turret that fires electrical blasts at nearby enemies. As a result, the easiest way to use Fischl is to switch her in, summon Oz, and then switch her out for someone who can trigger Electro-based elemental reactions. Pyro has an issue in that Overloaded sends the enemy flying while Cryo has an issue in that Superconduct is meant for someone who does physical damage. Hydro is most useful when there is more than one enemy so that Electro-charge can jump from target to target.

20. She Has Been In a Crossover

It isn’t uncommon for video game companies making mobile games to do crossovers with their own mobile games. For instance, miHoYo has done a crossover between Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd, which would be its most notable mobile game before Genshin Impact came onto the scene. Two characters were featured in the crossover, with one being Fischl and the other being Keqing. However, it is clear that Fischl was the more favored one of the two, seeing as how she was made a permanently-playable character while Keqing was not. It will be interesting to see whether there will be a future crossover featuring the reverse scenario, particularly since the two games do seem to take place in the same multi-verse.

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