Five Television Show Crossovers We’d Like to See Happen


Series crossovers are an excellent way to throw the most unlikely characters together from different television universes to see what happens. Some characters need a crossover to give them an unexpected challenge or inspire them to straighten up their act. Crossovers have worked on soaps, crime dramas, and even on reality TV. These suggested crossovers that we would love to see might not rival Magnum PI meets Murder She Wrote (nothing could honestly top that) but would be highly entertaining nevertheless.

Hells Kitchen/Survivor

Take away his fancy restaurants, and his hair gel– and Gordon Ramsey would have as hard a time as anyone else would have to Outwit, Outplay, Outlast in the wild. As a Survivor contestant, he would be lucky to get a burned bowl of rice with slugs in it, nevermind a perfect turned beef Wellington with truffle risotto. Because of his snooty attitude and posh accent–and let’s face it, his age, Gordon would be one of the first to get his name written down unless he could find an immunity idol. Fat chance of that as the rest of his tribemates would hear him cursing and carrying on miles away, so any attempt at stealth maneuvers would not work for the taciturn master chef.

No matter what kind of tantrum he threw, when the “tribe has spoken” it’s all over. In other words, he would be cooked for once. Just watching Gordon and Jeff Probst interact would be stellar. Jeff would just smile his inscrutable smile whille the cameras roll filming the biggest meltdown in Survivor history! The overall premise does appear sound, as It seems like the same type of oddballs try out for both shows, so Gordon will be right in his element. Could he just order his tribe to go back and nominate someone for elimination? Although the big G has the odds stacked against him when he can’t control the show, don’t count the shaggy blonde king of culinary snark out entirely. He may have an advantage during the “eat the gross food” competition, as Gordon could whip up a great sauce to bring out the subtle flavor components in hissing Matagastgar cockroaches.

Gotham/ Law and Order

Gotham City really needs some help keeping its wild citizenry under control and it seems Jim Gordan could use a hand from some seasoned detectives. Gotham’s DA office needs a shake up too, what with Harvey Dent is slated to eventually become the nefarious villain Two-Face. Jim has already crossed the line getting too chummy with both Oswald Cobblepot, the Penguin, and Riddler Forensic Guy Ed Nygma. Just imagine Elliot Stabler trading wisecracks with Gotham’s royal goddess of crime, Fish Mooney! As the evil doctor on Gotham, B.D. Wong, played a police shrink on Law and Order, part of the cast is already in play. Ed Nygma could fall desperately in love with Olivia Benson and stalk her with riddles until she slaps on the cuffs and send him to Bellview (or Arkham Asylum) for his own good. As for Penguin, he’s a big man in Gotham, but put him on the street in Law and Orders’s New York City and he’s just another well-dressed weirdo whom the team can use as an informant.

American Pickers /Hoarders

The picker team goes to make a deal on some vintage goodies; however, the stubborn hoarder is having none of it. Dr. Zazio would be on hand, of course, to emotionally support the reluctant pack rat as each historical item is inspected and appraised. The pickers have to literally trudge through roach infested trash to get to that White Rock Girl Neon Sign or that Civil War era gun collection. It’s Fun With Hazmat Suits for everyone! The episode will have an anticlimactic end as the pack rat is not getting rid of anything, thank you very much. It’s pretty much a total waste of time except for the viewing audience and of course, Matt Paxton, who, along with his faithful cleanup crew, get yet another glimpse into the bizarre corners of human nature. The goal of both shows is basically the same–he who aquires the most junk wins!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians/Keeping Up Appearances

Khloe, Kim, and the rest of the jet-setting gang have met their match when they are invited to a Candlelight Supper hosted by the hostess with the mostess Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet). Hyacinth does not approve of her sister Daisy’s miniskirts, so her reaction to the Kardashian sister’s wardrobe choices would be priceless. As the girls show off their jewelry, our Hyacinth will raise them a Royal Doulton with handpainted periwinkles–so there. As for baby names, exactly why don’t the sisters like the name “Sheridan” for a boy? As for self-actualization and the like, Mrs. Bucket is all for it as long as no one brushes up against her walls! If you see Kaitlyn K. wearing a single strand of pearls and a housedress with kitchen gloves in the pocket–you’ll know this very special episode is in production.

Once Upon a Time/The Walking Dead

OUAT features pretty fairy tale people who don’t mess up their hair or get dirty fighting evil. They sometimes wear princess gowns and royal costumes. TWD features pretty people who have been roughed up by the zombie apocalypse. They sometimes have to wear garbage bags covered in blood and guts. Put the shows together and see exactly how Emma “The Savior” from OUAT does battling the “Saviors” group and you have a show. There is even a teenage boy on each program. How would Henry and Carl really get along? Carl has seen too much (now with only one eye left) to suffer foolish boys who believe in magic lightly. At least with OUAT there are two moms left to tell them both to stay in the house. How about a throw down between Captain Hook and Negan, each wielding their deadly appendage? Michonne would have her hands full trying to tell Mary Margaret that no, seriously, Rick is not under a spell.

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