20 Things You Didn’t Know about Lisa Minci from Genshin Impact

Lisa Minci from Genshin Impact

Lisa Minci is one of the playable characters in Genshin Impact. She comes from the region of Mondstadt. However, there is speculation that she will show up in the region of Sumeru as well, which is relevant because said region is the next region to be released. As such, it is possible that Lisa will become more important than she is in the present time.

1. She Is an Electro Character

Lisa’s element is Electro. Given the name, people should have no problem predicting that she uses electricity as well as related phenomenon. In-setting, Electro is one of seven elements, with the other six being Anemo, Geo, Dendro, Hydro, Pyro, and Cryo. Chances are good that interested individuals can guess most of them. However, if they are curious about their origins, the names are derived from Greek.

2. She Is a Catalyst User

Speaking of which, Lisa is a catalyst user, which is Genshin Impact’s way of referring to mage-type characters. A lot of catalysts are books, but others are other items of significance. There doesn’t seem to be any in-setting significance for the weapons that characters use in the same way that there is in-setting significance for the elements that characters use. In fact, there has been speculation that Genshin Impact will have new kinds of weapon users in the future, particularly since the region trailer revealed a Natlan character who looks a lot like she will be a barehanded fighter of some kind. Something that isn’t in the game at the present time.

3. She Has a Vision

Like the other playable characters who have been released so far, Lisa has a Vision. These are glowing gems that grant their owners elemental powers associated with their particular element. In-setting, a lot of people believe that Visions are given out by either the god who presides over the region or the god who presides over the element. However, statements made by those gods make it very clear that they don’t have control over the relevant mechanism, whatever it might be.

4. She Is an Allogene

The ownership of a Vision means that Lisa is considered to be an allogene, which is a term that doesn’t come up much in Genshin Impact but is nonetheless critical. For those who are curious, allogenes are a Gnostic concept of half-human, half-divine entities that can communicate with realms of existence beyond the world that can be sensed. It makes sense as a term because Gnosticism inspired a lot of things in the game. However, it is important to note that allogenes are an attempt at translating the original term, which would be Yuanshen in the original Chinese or Genshin in the Japanese reading of the original Chinese. This can mean a number of things such as “original god” or “proto-god.” In-setting context makes it clear that the latter is the more relevant term because Vision users are said to be capable of becoming gods themselves.

5. She Is a Major Reason Why the Fandom Suspects that Visions Are a Trap

Gnostic influences meant that it was inevitable that a part of the fandom would suspect the Visions to be a trap of some kind. After all, one of the core concepts of Gnosticism is that the creator of the physical world isn’t the true God but rather a Demiurge, who may or may not be deluded. As such, anything that comes from the gods of the physical world in a Gnosticism-influenced setting should be regarded with suspicion. Genshin Impact has encouraged this by including lore that suggest that the Visions are more ominous than they seem on initial inspection. To name an example, Lisa is said to have been frightened by the glimpse that she got of the truth behind Visions.

6. She Is an Excellent Scholar

Of course, the reliability of a statement depends a great deal on the reliability of a character when it comes to making such statements. As such, it should be mentioned that Lisa is supposed to be an excellent scholar.

7. She Is an Excellent Scholar Connected with Sumeru

Furthermore, Lisa is supposed to be an excellent scholar connected with Sumeru. Each region in Genshin Impact has its own focus, which is often connected to the nature of the regional god in some way. For example, Mondstadt is associated with freedom because of Venti. Similarly, Liyue is associated with contracts because of Zhongli. Much remains to be revealed about Sumeru. However, it has been made very clear that Sumeru is associated with scholarship, not least because of the multiple individuals from Sumeru who have been encountered studying various things in other regions.

8. She Is Supposed to Be the Best Student to Have Emerged from Sumeru in 200 Years

In fact, Lisa has outright been called the best student to have emerged from Sumeru’s Academia in 200 years. Granted, it was an in-setting statement made by an in-setting character, so there could be some element of bias. However, its inclusion in Lisa’s profile means that chances are good that it is a more-or-less honest assessment of her capabilities as a scholar. Something that adds more weight to her opinions on relevant topics.

9. She Knows a Very Wide Range of Things

Speaking of which, Lisa is said to be knowledgeable about a very wide range of things. One stated example was forbidden knowledge. Other stated knowledge included both the handling of plants infused with elemental power and the distillation of alcoholic beverages. Some of the greatest minds ever known were polymaths. However, they are much rarer in the present time. This doesn’t mean that modern people are dumber than our predecessors. Instead, our knowledge has expanded so much that it has become much more difficult for people to keep up with the cutting edge of things in more than one field. Never mind multiple fields.

10. She Is a Good Communicator

Amusingly, Lisa is also supposed to be a good communicator. Simply put, knowing something doesn’t mean that someone can actually pass that knowledge on to others in either an effective or an efficient manner. As such, it is perfectly possible for someone to be garbage at explaining a field that they have mastered, particularly when it comes to others who don’t have a preexisting base of knowledge to fall back upon. Meanwhile, Lisa is explicitly said to be someone who can explain things in a clear and concise manner, thus making her a popular choice to answer all sorts of things.

11. She Got Her Vision with Ease

The exact mechanism by which Visions are handed out is rather mysterious. As a result, the criteria for getting one are not well-understood. However, a lot of stories saw the future Vision holder going through some kind of major experience. For example, one character got her Vision after visiting what was apparently some kind of border-realm between the world of the living and the world of the dead. Similarly, another character got her Vision while she was falling to her almost-certain death after a brutal fight. Lisa wasn’t one of those characters. Instead, she decided that she needed a Vision if she wanted practical experience with their capabilities. After which, her Vision just appeared in her hands.

12. She Is Implied to Have Been Scared Away By the Vision

People tend not to make it very far in extremely competitive fields unless they have a great deal of drive. As such, it should come as no surprise to learn that Lisa used her Vision to understand more about their powers as well as what existed behind their powers. Whatever it was, it is implied that she was scared by the experience, with the result that she eventually returned home to Mondstadt rather than remain in Sumeru. Indeed, it has been mentioned more than once that the scholars of Sumeru are extremely dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. Something that can be rather dangerous in Gnosticism-influenced settings to say the least. This was another thing that contributed to Lisa’s choice to leave Sumeru.

13. She Is a Knight of Favonius

After returning home to Mondstadt, Lisa became a member of the Knights of Favonius. Unsurprisingly, the Knights of Favonius are a knightly order. However, they are also responsible for maintaining the peace in the region, thus making them the closest thing to the ruling authorities that can be found in the region.

14. She Is the Librarian for the Knights of Favonius

Position-wise, Lisa is the Librarian for the Knights of Favonius. As such, she is responsible for both the management and the categorization of books and documents related to the order. There are indications that the position comes with other responsibilities as well. However, Lisa has apparently managed to delegate everything else. She remains responsible for both the management and the categorization because she doesn’t feel comfortable with delegating those things as well.

15. She Is Satisfied with Her Position

On a related note, Lisa is an excellent example of someone who is very satisfied with her position in the Knights of Favonius. She could have been promoted to the position of one of the ten captains of the order. However, she has consistently passed up on those opportunities because she isn’t interested in doing the additional work.

16. She Can Put Her Knowledge to Practical Use

Some scholars are focused on very theoretical aspects of knowledge. In contrast, others are focused on more practical applications. Given Lisa’s status as a playable character, it should come as no surprise to learn that she is capable of putting her knowledge to practical use. Moreover, she is said to have built a special cauldron that is far beyond the capabilities of non-magical pre-modern settings. After all, the cauldron apparently boasts everything from temperature regulation to the semi-automated insertion of ingredients, which aren’t the kind of things that people associate with cauldrons at all. As for why Lisa made one, the explanation is that she uses it for brewing tea before keeping it at the perfect temperature while she works.

17. Her Constellation Is Tempus Fugit

Every Vision user in Genshin Impact has a constellation, which is supposed to be connected to their destiny in some way. Lisa’s constellation is a rather ominous one. This is because it is a hourglass called Tempus Fugit, which is Latin for “time flies.” It isn’t quite as blatant as a skull, but the hourglass plus the phrase suggest that the constellation is a memento mori, meaning a reminder of the inevitability of death. Being connected to such a thing on such a fundamental level is rather interesting, provided that it is happening to someone else anyways.

18. Has Purely Elemental Attacks

As mentioned earlier, Lisa is a catalyst user. Due to that, she has purely elemental attacks, which has both pros and cons. On the plus side, Lisa is great for applying Electro to suitable targets because every single one of her attacks will do so. On the minus side, this means that she is more or less useless against enemies that come with either total, high, or even decent Electro resistance.

19. Can Be Used As Support

Role-wise, Lisa isn’t very well-suited for being a DPS. Essentially, she doesn’t hit hard enough fast enough to mow her way through enemies in an efficient manner. Instead, Lisa is best-suited for being support. The idea is to wait until her special has been charged up. After which, the player can unleash it to continue applying Electro to all enemies within a considerable area of effect. Once that has been done, they can switch over to a character with a different element for easy elemental reactions.

20. Can Be Gotten By Playing Through the Game

Interested individuals can get Lisa by just playing through the story of Genshin Impact. However, it is somewhat difficult to get additional copies of the character to make her stronger. This is because she has only shown up on the standard banner so far, which doesn’t have rate-ups for specific characters. She has shown up in the shop from time to time, but that comes with complications as well. One, she shows up rarely because the shop rotates every month. Two, while there has been a clear pattern so far, there is no guarantee that will continue holding true in the future. Three, buying characters in the shop requires a special resource gotten from rolling duplicates from the banners, meaning that interested individuals may or may not have enough when the opportunity. Chance are good that they will provided that they have been playing for some time while holding on to said resource. However, they are definitely going to need to hold on to that resource unless they are rolling a lot by spending a lot.

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