20 Things You Didn’t Know about Scaramouche from Genshin Impact


Scaramouche is a character from Genshin Impact. He is one of the 11 Harbingers who serve under the Tsaritsa, thus making him one of the antagonists. However, it is interesting to note that Scaramouche seems to have gone rogue, which is presumably something that will be elaborated upon in a later patch.

1. Scaramouche Is a Title

The Harbingers tend to be called by their titles, which come from stock characters in commedia dell’arte. Furthermore, it seems to be common for them to use pseudonyms rather than their names, as shown by how Childe’s real name is Ajax while Signora’s real name is Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter. This means that it should come as no surprise to learn that Scaramouche is the character’s title rather than the character’s real name.

2. Scaramouche Means “Little Skirmisher”

Scaramouche means “little skirmisher.” It isn’t the most heroic of roles. In fact, Scaramouche is very much on the villainous side of things, having characteristics of both the Zanni and the Capitano. The result is an unreliable and unscrupulous servant with a taste for intrigue that benefits them at the expense of others. Something that can backfire on Scaramouche when their hunger exceeds their capabilities.

3. His Symbol Might Be the Doll

Besides their titles, the Harbingers have numbers as well as symbols that seem to be based on their constellations. Scaramouche is known to be the 6th Harbinger. However, his symbol hasn’t been revealed at this point in time. There are a couple of popular guesses for what his symbol might be from the 11 Harbinger symbols that have been shown. The more popular of the two would be the doll that looks like a Japanese kokeshi with a heart, which would fit how the character came into existence.

4. His Symbol Might Be the Puppet

The other popular guess for Scaramouche’s symbol is the puppet. Primarily, this seems to be because Scaramouche has been called a puppet in the English version of Genshin Impact. Having said that, most people seem to believe that the puppet belongs to Sandrone, who has outright been called “puppet” in the Chinese original.

5. He Uses the Name Kunikuzushi

Scaramouche doesn’t seem to have received a name upon his creation. Instead, he named himself Kunikuzushi in later times, which is rather ominous to say the least. After all, it means “Country Destroyer.”

6. Kunikuzushi Is a Stock Character in Kabuki

It is interesting to note that Kunikuzushi is also a stock character, though from kabuki rather than commedia dell’arte. It is a much more prominent character than Scaramouche, which makes sense because it seeks nothing less than the usurpation of a country. As such, it is common for these characters to be played by either the best or one of the best members of the kabuki troupe, particularly since they tend to have very energetic roles. It remains to be seen whether Scaramouche can live up to his self-chosen name. However, there are clear indications that he is moving in that direction.

7. He Chose the Name Kunikuzushi with Full Knowledge of Its Meaning

The regions in Genshin Impact take influence from real world cultures. Some of them are a mishmash of several real world cultures. In contrast, others are much more straightforward in this regard. Inazuma is an excellent example of the latter, seeing as how it is clearly the people behind Genshin Impact’s take on fantasy Japan.

This is true to such an extent that kabuki exists within Inazuman culture, which presumably means that the stock character Kunikuzushi exists within Inazuman culture as well. In other words, it seems safe to say that Scaramouche chose that name for himself with full knowledge of its meaning.

8. Doesn’t Seem to Have Had a Clear Field of Responsibility

As a Harbinger, Scaramouche doesn’t seem to have had a clear field of responsibility. This is because we have seen him being sent out on a couple of missions. One was the investigation of meteorites that resulted in him realizing that the sky and the stars of Teyvat are fake.

Another was being sent to oversee the production of Delusions in Inazuma. This is different from some of the other Harbingers, who seem to have very clear fields of responsibility. For example, Pantalone handles economic policies for the Tsaritsa.

Similarly, Dottore engages in R&D of a very unethical nature. It is unclear what this means. Perhaps Scaramouche receives different kinds of missions because he is either versatile or not specialized enough to make it worthwhile to put him to work on a single kind of task.

9. Not Well-Liked By the Fatui

Different Harbingers have different personalities, which in turn, means that different Harbingers are regarded in very different ways by the Fatui who serve as their subordinates.

This makes sense because most people would prefer working under someone who cares about their wellbeing rather than, say, Dottore, who engages in human experimentation of the worst kind. Scaramouche seems to be on the disliked side of things by the Fatui. Something that is perhaps unsurprising considering his disagreeable nature.

10. Has Been Known to Feign Friendliness

Speaking of which, Scaramouche has been known to feign friendliness. This was shown in the Unreconciled Stars event in which he pretended to be friendly towards the player-character while harboring the intention to kill them. It is very much in-line with both of the stock characters that he is named for, but it isn’t hard to see why most people would be less than enthused by interacting with such an individual. Never mind working under him.

11. He Is Inazuman

Scaramouche made it clear that he was from Inazuma in the Unreconciled Stars event. However, chances are good that interested individuals could have guessed that even without his confirmation because he dresses in a manner that is very reminiscent of Japanese culture. To name an example, his hat is clearly meant to be a Japanese kasa, though it is much fancier than most examples.

12. He Wears an Electro Symbol

Speaking of which, it is worth mentioning that Scaramouche also wears a crest that looks like the Electro symbol in Genshin Impact. This is notable because chances are very good that the Electro symbol was based on the mitsudomoe, which refers to a set of three tomoe contained in a circle.

It isn’t clear how the tomoe came about, particularly since it is so basic that similar-looking symbols can be found in every single one of the inhabited continents. However, the mitsudomoe has a strong association with more than one prominent Shinto deity. Something that might have carried over the Electro symbol, which is associated with the Electro Archon.

13. Created By the Electro Archon

A lot of people guessed that Scaramouche was going to be connected to the Electro Archon in some manner, which wasn’t based on much more than his somewhat unusual hair color. As it turned out, Scaramouche was indeed connected to the Electro Archon because he was created by her.

14. Meant to Be a Prototype for the Shogun

To be exact, Scaramouche was meant to be a prototype for the Shogun. In short, a pair of twins named Makoto and Ei won the conflict to become the Electro Archon, with the result that the first became the ruler while the second became her kagemusha who handled most of the fighting.

Makoto was killed in the Cataclysm, which caused Ei to become fearful that she would eventually lose herself because time would gradually erode her mind in spite of her immortal existence. As a result, she decided to create an autonomous doll that would be capable of carrying out her intentions even if she came to lose herself. Scaramouche was the proof that the creation process could work.

15. Spared By the Electro Archon

Originally, Ei intended the autonomous puppet to become a vessel for her Gnosis, which enables an elemental Archon to connect with Celestia. However, she believed that Scaramouche was too gentle for this task because he shed tears after his creation. Ei didn’t want to go as far as to kill him, so she sealed his powers as a divine creation before sending him to the Grand Narukami Shrine to seek his own path in the world.

16. Befriended Katsuragi

Apparently, Scaramouche befriended a man named Katsuragi when he was still a relatively new creation. The exact details are unclear. However, it seems that Katsuragi broke the law for Scaramouche’s sake at some point, with the result that he was cut down by his superior Mikoshi Nagamasa.

As for why Nagamasa reacted in such an extreme manner, it seems that he was intent on restoring his family’s honor through service to the Inazuma Shogunate. Something that was necessary because his adoptive mother Mikoshi Chiyo attacked Ei during the Cataclysm after going mad because of its influence, thus ruining her entire clan’s reputation.

17. Took Out Three of the Raiden Gokaden

It is believed that Scaramouche took out three of the Raiden Gokaden in retaliation for this. For context, the Raiden Gokaden refers to five schools of weaponsmithing in Inazuma culture.

Out of the five, Scaramouche brought about the destruction of the Doume, Kyoushin, and Senju schools through his scheming. Furthermore, he was in the process of destroying the Isshin school when he lost interest, with the result that the Amenoma school is the one member of the Raiden Gokaden that is still prosperous in the present time. People believe that Scaramouche undermined the Raiden Gokaden because Nagamasa was a weaponsmith.

18. Became a Harbinger Because It Was Entertaining

Different Harbingers entered the service of the Tsaritsa for different reasons. The Pale Flame artifacts revealed the motivations of five Harbingers. Signora wanted revenge on both the Archons and the Abyss; Dottore wanted to pursue his research; Pantalone wanted to bring Teyvat’s economy under his control; and Pierro wanted to change the fundamental rules of the world around them. As for Scaramouche, well, Scaramouche thought that being a Harbinger would be entertaining.

19. Has Gone Rogue

As such, it isn’t hard to see why Scaramouche is believed to have gone rogue as of the Labyrinth Warriors event. After all, he was never particularly committed to the Tsaritsa’s goal of challenging Celestia, meaning that it is very reasonable to believe that he has run off with the intent of pursuing his own goals after claiming Ei’s Gnosis. As for what Scaramouche has in mind, that is unclear. However, it is worth mentioning that Ei’s story is far from being over.

20. Seems to Be One Big “Bohemian Rhapsody” Reference

Scaramouche isn’t the most famous of the stock characters from commedia dell’arte. However, it is well-known enough for it to have shown up in a wide range of works in a wide range of contexts.

To name an example, consider Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Amusingly, Genshin Impact’s Scaramouche seems to be one big “Bohemian Rhapsody” reference. For example, his realization that the world that he perceives is fake in a very major way. Similarly, he association with the Electro element through the Electro Archon. On top of this, one of Ei’s other names would be Beelzebul, which refers to the same figure as Beelzebub because both are derived from Baal Zebub.

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