10 Things You Didn’t Know about Digimon Franchise


Many people may think that Digimon is just an old series that is at the risk of being forgotten, but that is not the case. It is a top-rated series with fans from all the corners of the world. The series has been through a lot since it was nearing the end at some point. When the writers wanted to end the series, the fans forced them to continue because of the love that they had for the series. The series has a lot in it that you might not have known. Check on the following interesting facts about the series.

1. It is more popular than Pokémon

Pokémon went viral upon its release, and it is hard to believe that Digimon is more popular among the two. Digimon relatively lacked popularity in the west. In May 2000, Digimon was the most-watched television series by children between 2 and 11 years. The success of the television show was not long-lasting, but it later became a great achievement to the Franchise. The two television series are almost similar, but Digimon managed to knock off Pokémon. It led to knock off Pokémon cheaply as far as popularity is concerned.

2. Three people created it

Digimon is known by many of the fans to have been created by Akiyoshi Hongo. Many of the fans have not realized that Akiyoshi Hongo is not one person but a name that covers three people. It is just a pseudonym that a Chinese production company decided to use to credit the three people behind the creation of the Franchise. The three creators of the Franchise are Aki Maita, Takeichi Hongo, and Hiroshi Izawa. Akiyoshi Hongo became the common name to recognize the efforts of the three individuals.

3. Gatomon has initially been a male voice

Gatomon in Digimon is well known to be the voice of a female character. The term “Gato” refers explicitly to male cats. There is, however, confusion since there is still male and female version of Gatomon in the Digimon. Gatomon’s original voice record was in a male voice, but the team later decided to change it. It remains challenging to claim whether Gatomon is a male voice unless you choose creatively. They then transformed Gatomon into a female voice, and the decision remained a mystery to most of the fans.

4. Kari was not the eighth Digidestined

Kari was to serve the supporting role as the main character. Many of the fans knew her as the eighth Digidestined. Kari ended up being a strong central character of the Franchise in the second season. She later becomes one of the characters of the series that was loved by the majority of the fans. She received a warm welcome when she became part of the group.

5. The fog in Odaiba Island was a real-life event

In many of the episodes during the first season, fog covers the entire Island of Odaiba. Many of the fans thought the mist was fictional, but its basis was on a real event as we see in with the will. The writers wanted to research the series, and Odaiba became their preferred place. They were welcomed by fog in Odaiba that made it difficult for them to see far. It was turned to be a bad trip, but it later became one of the beloved franchise episode produced. Finding fog on the island became one of the beautiful coincidence in the series.

6. There was a dispute among writers in the second season

The progress of the second season was not as planned. The fans and the critics reacted differently about the season. The differences between the fans were due to the writers of the season. The writers had different ideas about the season and failed to agree unanimously. Their differences in opinions ended up in the season, and none of them could explain it since the season had several ideas. The difference between the writers led to the release of the season without any direction.

7. The storyline of the dark ocean is not fully revealed

The storyline of the dark sea was not brought out clearly in the series. According to Screen Rant, the dark ocean is part of the storylines that the series never revealed. The dark sea was extremely dark and it becomes hard to know what goes on there. Kari and Ken tried bringing to light the story of the dark ocean but were not successful. The two came up with unclear stories of the dark sea, and the production team had to condense the storyline. Part of the storyline exists, leaving the fans of the series curious about the dark ocean.

8. Writers wanted the third season featured Digimon from outer space

The writers of Digimon decided to feature Digimon from the outer space. The storyline did not achieve success, but the idea needed consideration. The writers wanted to make the third season as unique as possible. The fans credit the season as one of the best because of its sophisticated nature. The themes in it are so mature and involve a lot of inventions.

9. The writers initially planned for 13 episodes

Even though the series keeps producing events, this was not part of the plan of the writers. The writers initially scheduled for 13 episodes that could assist in promoting a PlayStation game. When the writers received positive reactions from the fans, they decided to continue with the story. The series got a demand in most parts of the world, and this became a motivation to the writers who ended up producing several episodes.

10. It is full cults and myths

Digimon has no basis for real-life experiences. It is based on several myths and cults. According to this Medium post, the series is based on various mythologies. The western world was not much into the cults in the series, but they later cherished the series and followed all the episodes keenly. Some of the stories make use of prophecies that come to pass. The cults and myths make most fans curious about what is to happen after abnormal happenings.

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