Why Baryon Mode Is Naruto’s Best Power


While Naruto has a whole arsenal of skills at his disposal, his newest power-up – Baryon Mode – is likely his strongest power yet. Baryon Mode was introduced in the Boruto Series during the Kawaki arc and helps Naruto fight Isshiki Otsutsuki, which is the strongest antagonist in the series. Essentially, the model combines the chakras of Kurama and Naruto to create new and more powerful energy. It is considered the character’s strongest power yet. Let’s take a close at why the Naruto Baryon Mode is so great.


As mentioned, the Baryon Mode was first introduced in the Boruto series. It makes Naruto the most powerful he has ever been, allowing him to defeat his most formidable opponent. According to ScreenRant, Baryon is a physics word referring to a subatomic particle that equals or supersedes the mass of a proton. The power works by combining the individual chakras of Kurama and Naruto to create great power and more potent chakra energy.


Activating Baryon Mode reveals two black and yellow spikes on Naruto that look like fox years and makes his hair longer. The form looks very much like Kurama, complete with the slit red eyes. Additionally, the whiskers are thicker and curve upward to join with the patterns around his eyes. There are also tails protruding from Naruto’s back and an orange hue emanating from his body. Overall, the transformation is very dramatic and hard to miss. It tells Naruto’s opponents that he is ready for battle.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Baryon Mode gives Naruto immense power, allowing him to defeat Isshiki Otsutsuki without any help. Thanks to this mode, Naruto has god-like reflexes, speed, and power that make him almost invincible. Since the mode is created by fusing and absorbing chakras, it can also incorporate the chakra of the opponent, leading to even more strength for Naruto while draining the life force from the opponent. This effect happens whenever an opponent comes close to Naruto in the Baryon Mode, which means Naruto can use it if he needs to outlast his opponent. That said, this power-up, like all the others, comes with drawbacks. The chakra amount needed to activate the Baryon is so much that Kurama and Naruto cannot sustain it for very long. This limits their ability to last long in battle and requires them to make an early defeat. The chakras also use Kurama and Naruto’s life force to function, making it very risky as it could ultimately kill Naruto or Kurama. The latter is at a higher risk of dying permanently or becoming completely drained if they use the Baryon Mode too frequently.

Benefits of the Baryon Mode

The Naruto Baryon Mode is widely considered the most powerful form of Naruto and the best power in the series yet. As we have seen, this power has many benefits that help Naruto face even the strongest of opponents in battle. Let’s review these advantages in more depth:

1. Greater Speed Than Six Paths Sage

Isshiki could easily defeat Naruto in Six Paths Sage Mode. He could give Naruto a run for his money without even using all his skills. However, in Baryon mode, Isshiki has a hard time keeping up with Naruto’s reflexes and movements even when he is using special Dojustsu abilities like Daikokuten and Sukunahikona. In fact, Isshiki cannot hurt Naruto because the reflexes offered by Baryon Mode allow Naruto to dodge and counter all the attacks directed at him.

2. Stronger Than the Otsutsuki

One of the most significant boosts given to Naruto by Baryon Mode is the extreme increase in strength. Before this mode, Naruto could not even touch Isshiki through the power in the Six Paths Sage Mode. Fortunately, thanks to the power provided by the Baryon Mode, he can easily defeat Isshiki in battle. He can also deliver very strong punches within a very short time.

3. Better Reflexes

Six Paths Sage Mode gives Naruto enough power to perceive danger almost immediately. Baryon Mode enhances this power enormously. Using the ability provided in Six Paths Sage Mode, Naruto can avoid the Light Fang beam shot by Madara, which travels at the speed of light. However, he could not react to the Isshiki-thrown rods. Baryon Mode allows Naruto to dodge these rods and, if the threat is insignificant, even catch them. This is thanks to improved reflexes.

4. Zero Wasted Movements

Another great perk of the Baryon Mode is that it maximizes Naruto’s power output by avoiding movement wastage. While this will ultimately be determined by Naruto, Baryon Mode does provide crucial help in combat. It eliminates all inconsequential thoughts from Naruto’s mind, so they do not waste any movements and produce maximum power. Every move Naruto makes in this mode.

5. Can Drain Lifespan

Perhaps the most significant power provided by Baryon Mode is that it gives Naruto the ability to drain the lifespan of his opponents. Because it combines the chakras of Kurama and Naruto, it also connects with other chakras around it. It can burn up and absorb the chakra of anyone that comes into contact with Naruto, draining their lifespan completely.

6. Able to Kill in a Few Hits

Lastly, Baryon Mode gives Naruto the ability to kill an opponent within very few hits. It can level Isshiki Otsutsuki, who was the strongest character in the entire franchise and will obviously help Naruto defeat other lesser characters. Ultimately, this works out great for Naruto because, as we mentioned, Baryon Mode can reduce his lifespan within several minutes. The ability to kill enemies with a few punches ensures that Naruto does not die in combat.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, the Naruto Baryon Mode is a give and take. It gives Naruto immense power, speed, and sharp reflexes, allowing him to defeat Otsutsuki. Unfortunately, if overused, it can completely drain Naruto and Kurama or even kill them permanently. This is why it should always be used judiciously and with discretion. Still, the fact that it can kill Naruto and Kurama makes the stakes very high and can bring an unrivaled excitement to the battlefield.

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