The Top 20 Video Game Heroes of All-Time


There is no denying that almost everyone is familiar with Batman, and the role that he plays in the entertainment industry and in all of the facets that are centered around that. Although he was technically first introduced to the world in the many comic books published about his stories, Batman has also been featured in his slew of video games throughout the years. Not only that, but the character has also been the center of a multitude of feature films, television series (both animated and live action), books, and many other media forms that are out there for fans to see. It is clear that there is no stopping Batman, and the major effects that he has on fans, gamers, and people all across the world.

Of course, there are hundreds of video game characters that could have easily made this list as well, and that deserve the honorable mentions that they deserve. As video games continue to adapt, evolve, and become bigger and better than ever, we are introduced to more and more heroes that stand the test of time with fans old and young. These fans, in a way, devote their time and energy in their down time to these characters and their roles in the games that they are centered around, whether it be through just playing the game, or cosplay that inspires others as well. Whatever the case, it is clear that the impact these video game characters have on gamers and fans all across the globe is phenomenal, and is in no way stopping any time soon.

With all of that said and done, we have officially concluded our list of the top twenty video game heroes of all time in our eyes. Whether you agree with our list or not, it is clear that these many characters have made their way in the gaming universe for the last few decades, and continue to do so as time goes on. You can find out more about these characters, their stories, and the many games they are featured on both online and at any local stores that sell the timeless video games themselves.

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