The Best Vampyr Cheats for Playstation 4

Vampyr has been out for the PS4 and other platforms for some time. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that the players have uncovered its secrets, thus making it that much easier for other interested individuals to get a hold of them. Unfortunately, there is no more than a single cheat built into Vampyr, though there are various exploits and other tips that might prove useful for those seeking to make smoother progress playing through it. Here are some of the best Vampyr cheats, exploits, and tips that interested individuals can use to provide themselves with a smoother play experience:

Infinite EXP

The sole cheat built into Vampyr is a very useful one. In short, the Infinite EXP cheat provides the player with, well, as much experience as they could want for their skills. Simply head to a skills sub menu before holding both O and P to increase the EXP so long as those two buttons are being held. On the PS4, players can use the Bluetooth chat pads for the same purpose, thus enabling them to skip the tedium that some people might feel about having to improve their skills in the traditional manner.

Infinite Money

Speaking of which, there is an exploit that interested individuals can use to get infinite money so long as they have the patience needed to put up with what can be a very repetitive process. First, start by making sure that the Docks have been sanitized. Second, head to the western part for the purpose of finding Martin Nightingale. Third, ask to trade with Nightingale, which should reveal the very interesting fact that his goods come free of charge. As a result, so long as players don’t mind the tedium, they can sell their items to Nightingale, buy them back at no cost, and then repeat the process until they are satisfied with the amount of money that they have on hand.

Moral Choices Can Be Considered Difficulty Modes

Moral choices play a big part in Vampyr, which is perhaps unsurprising when the player character is, well, a vampire. With that said, interested individuals should know that the moral choices in Vampyr can seem like de facto difficulty modes. This is because making bad moral choices can lead to handsome EXP rewards, which can be very important because of the jump in enemy levels that happens later in the game. Due to this, while players who honor the Hippocratic Oath can expect a sense of satisfaction as well as bragging rights in the form of an end game achievement, they can expect a much more difficult time getting to that point because their skills won’t be leveled as much without such convenient sources of EXP.

Don’t Be Afraid to Run

Running might not be a particularly glamorous option, but it can be a very sensible one under a wide range of circumstances. For example, if players feel like they are getting bogged down by their enemies, they shouldn’t hesitate to just make a break for it. Something that is particularly true because most enemies won’t be giving them a lot of rewards anyways, meaning that there isn’t much point to fighting everyone and everything that can be stumbled into. On a related note, some players might also find running to be very useful for whittling down particularly tough enemies bit by bit, though they might want to get in some practice with other enemies beforehand because the consequences of a potential error can be rather serious.

Don’t Leave Sidequests Until Later

One of the interesting features of Vampyr is that when the player sleeps in a bed for the purpose of raising their skills, time can pass. When time passes, that affects not just the player but also the world around them. Due to this, if a side quest features a character who is in serious need of assistance, players might want to complete the side quest as soon as possible because there is no guarantee that the subject of the side quest will be able to survive whatever is troubling them if the player heads to bed. Even worse, Vampyr uses auto-save and nothing but auto-save, meaning that there is no going back to undo past mistakes.

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