Disney Princesses as Final Fantasy Classes

(click to enlarge White Mage Rapunzel)

I always wonder if some day, I’ll just run out of things to post on this site. People have to run out of ideas eventually, right? Well, apparently not, and one genre in particular seems to be a never ending fountain of creativity.

I can’t even count the number of Disney princess redesigns I’ve seen and posted to date. There’s been sexy, artsy, badass, artsy-sexy, badass-sexy and today, we have artsy-badass-sexy for the trifecta.

Artist xsKiRtZx decided that her take on the famed princesses would be to assign them each different Final Fantasy-style RPG classes. Fans of the game will recognize most, but it appears through the years I may have missed a Disney princess movie or two.

The gallery starts below, and if anyone wanted to make this an actual game, I’d be all for it.

Trainer Jasmine

Shiva Tiana

Thief Kida

Songstress Ariel

Mascot Tiana

Berserker Pocahontas and more are on the next page.

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  1. I would have love to see characters from the FFA series too, including Elementist, Red Mage, Fencer, Archer, Sniper, and Assasin. But in all I loved what he/she did with creating these pieces of art. Didn’t catch the artist name…

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