Five Entertaining Iron Man Movie Trailer Mashups


While I wasn’t a particularly big fan of Iron Man 2 like my colleague Mr. Paul Tassi was, that doesn’t mean I didn’t find the hype for this movie to be entertaining.   Like all blockbusters Iron Man 2 was flooded with posters, trailers, commercials, you name it.  And with all of these mediums comes the great possibility of parody.

P.S. I happened to love the first Iron Man.  I just think the sequel was completely pointless and dumb.  If any of you would like me to explain my stance in a separate post I’m happy to do so.  In short, I just didn’t give a rat’s ass about the plot or characters.

However, I absolutely love what some fans have been able to do with Iron Man trailers.  Here are 5 Iron Man trailer mashups you are sure to enjoy

Iron Man IV

Anything that involves Rocky IV is awesome in my book.  You just can’t mess with that movie.  No way.  No how.

The Incredible Iron Watchmen of the Dark Knight

Honestly I’m not really sure how I feel about this.  It’s very weird.Iron Man/Tropic Thunder

“I know who I am!”

Avatar (Cartoon) – Iron Man 2

Check out the timing here.  I don’t know how people do this.   This is awesome.  Good God the spare time people have.

Avatar (Movie) – Iron Man 2

Even better.

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