A Few Moments of “I’m a God” in Movies


Since Alec Baldwin is a complete badass I was rummaging through some old clips of his back in his more studly days.  And clearly one of his best lines of all time was the “I am God” line in Malice.  And that got me thinking.

What other moments in movies feature the “I am God” line?  Turns out I couldn’t find too many.

With your help we can turn this list of three into something greater.

But as it stands, here are three fun “I am God” moments in movies

Groundhog Day:  “I’m a God, Not The God”

Wow, this clip is eight minutes long.

Almost Famous:  “I’m a Golden God!”

I always thought this movie was underrated.  Great script.  Solid acting.  Good story.  Fun stuff.

Malice:  “I am God”


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  1. How about “Bruce Almighty”? I’m moderately sure Morgan Freeman uttered “I am God.” on that one.

    It’s kind of cheating since he WAS God in that movie but hey, should still count.

  2. I saw Baldwin as a good guy lawyer with a great heart in My Sister’s Keeper – blew my mind seeing him play someone who wasn’t an asshole.

  3. In The One, Jet Li’s evil character explains that he thinks he will become a god when he finishes killing all of his other-universe-selves. That’s close.

    Also, Jim Carrey’s version of the Riddler says something like, “If knowledge is power, than a god am I,” in the crappy Batman Forever.

  4. I know there have got to be more. They are dancing at the edge of my memory.

    I think Colin Clive as Doctor Frankenstein says, “Now I know what it is to be God.”

    And there is Martin Sheen’s brilliant first entrance on West Wing; “I am the Lord thy God…”

    But that was TV and he was quoting.

    Also, Alec Baldwin’s character on 30 Rock confessed to a priest that he had once claimed to be God during a deposition. The more you know.

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