A Sean Bean Violence PSA

I don’t always borrow from Tumblr, but I have to give them credit when one of their horde gets something right. This image has been floating around the blogging site for some time, and it’s a very important lesson that we should all pay attention to.

We all know that Sean Bean dies in movies. If you didn’t know that, you’ve never seen a Sean Bean movie. But 20 times? Wow, I had no idea. At this point it almost seems like some sort of cruel joke. “Hey Sean, you landed the lead!” “That’s awesome!” “Buuuut he’s sort of a tragic hero…” “He dies, doesn’t he?” “Yeahhh.” “Goddamnit.”

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  1. Sounds kind of like Billy Connolly, except that Billy has the distinct honor of having been the only person to play a character who dies in a Muppet movie.

  2. I’m not the only who noticed! He’s my favorite actor, but every convo goes this way
    Me: He’s Awesome! He’s so bad ass.
    Person: What kind of roles does he do?
    Me: All sorts.. Villian.. Tragic flawed heroes…. Dad, neighbor… mostly the first two though… He kind of dies….. A LOT
    Person: How like shot or something?
    Me: Yeah.. and arrows to the chest, arrow through the neck attached to a string and then hung with, crushed with dirt, crushed with flaming satellite… etc.

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