Parody Deleted Scene From “Star Wars: The Last JEdi” Reveals Rey’s Parents

Rey’s parents was one of the biggest questions on the minds of Star Wars fans going into The Last Jedi. Some people believed that she was a Skywalker, with most of them believing that she was Luke’s child while a smaller number held to the position that she was somehow Leia and Han’s child. In contrast, other people believed in wilder theories, with examples ranging from Rey being a Palpatine to Rey being a Kenobi. Of course, The Last Jedi revealed that Rey’s parents were nobodies who had abandoned her on Jakku for no greater purpose than their own selfish gain, which was a powerful statement that she didn’t have to be related to the Skywalkers to have an important part to play in the Star Wars setting’s continuing dramatics.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, said statement has had a strong impact on the Star Wars fandom, which explains the wide range of reactions. This is why the Star Wars fandom has continued talking about it, which in turn, is the reason why people are still making content surrounding the issue. For proof, look no further than the parody from DavidUngerMusic.

What Does the Parody Video Reveal?

In short, the parody is depicted as though a deleted scene from The Last Jedi, which has seen its DVD/Blu-ray release. The scene is the one in which Rey wanted to find out about her parents, which was supposed to show that there is no simple and straightforward answer to the question of who she is because she is the one person who can answer it. Here, the parody has an answer in the form of a naked, middle-aged man singing a snippet of Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball,” which draws a rather horrified response from Rey. Suffice to say that the whole thing is very silly but nonetheless very amusing, meaning that Star Wars fans might want to see it for the sake of getting a chuckle or two from less than a minute’s worth of footage.

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