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Hellooo! Welcome to the next edition of This Week in Movie Trailers! Hope everyone’s week was as good as mine. But if not, let’s start off the weekend great with some good ol’ movie trailers. That should help!

Lot’s of interesting ones this week, folks (OK maybe not too many), so let’s get right into it!

Zero Charisma

Haha, well I’m sure some of us can relate to what’s going on in this movie (I consider myself a pretty big nerd, but not with the whole table-top deal); however, no line of dialogue from this trailer is original or even that funny. Going to have to pass for now.

Grace Of Monaco

Well, that certainly seemed like a good advertisement for expensive jewelry or something? Not my thing and also need some more content here to say “no thanks” to this movie again!


This movie looks terrific and I really want to see this. Depressing and intense, but terrific. Next.

Generation Iron

The bodybuilding world seems to be a facsinating world filled with misconceptions and incredible feats. I have a few friends who compete and I’m always astounded to hear what they go through and what really goes on behind the training during competitions. I’ll probably check this out at some point.

Last Days on Mars

I love sci-fi horrors/thrillers, particularly the types (like this one) where they seem a bit more realistic, if that makes any sense? I can be a slow burn at times, but I really enjoy the tense build up of isolated/helpless people being attacked by something on another planet. This could go either way, but I’m checkin’ it out! Good cast, too.

Great Expectations

Great cast, great acting, lots of Harry Potter people, and Charles Dickens. Never read the novel (though I should, right?) but it looks good. I’m not sure I will ever catch this in theaters, though.

All The Wrong Reasons



Well, I am sold! I’m a sucker for movies about one man taking on a town of horrible people because there’s so much satisfaction in it. Also, FRAAAANCOOOO! It will be interesting seeing him–a very likeable dude–play a bad guy like this.

Well, that’s a wrap. Until next time!

– Lyle

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  1. I’m all about that Great Expectations adaptation, though I really need to read through the book again before it comes out. Mike Newell won me forever with his Harry Potter entry, though.

    Also, whoa, Orlando Bloom’s back! Hope that movie turns out alright; I was rooting for him back when Pirates/Troy were still relevant.

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