The Ten Best Brothers in Movies

I’m not sure how many of you out there have siblings or are lonely children.   Either way it doesn’t really matter.   Only reason I bring it up is because I think those with siblings can appreciate an article like this.

It’s not all that easy to portray a brother relationship in a film but I must admit that the films on this list do a great job.  Whether it’s a comedy, drama, or action film, the role of “brother” kicks ass.

The site Scene Stealers did a similar article on this but we have some different picks.  Enjoy our brothers list after the jump….

Julius and Vicent Benedict – Twins

Sure we might be talking about Arnold here after the fact but come on.   You can’t deny that the pairing of he and DeVito wasn’t a stroke of genius.   What a great idea to have a giant bodybuilder and an under 5 feet tall comedian in the same movie.   Seeing those two on camera was awesome.

Charles Jefferson and Little Brother – Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Ah yes.  The old days of Forrest Whitaker.   Whitaker plays a star high school football player who doesn’t like his car to be messed with.   Of course he has an awesome little brother who decides to steal the car with none other than Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn).   And then there’s the infamous “My Brother’s Gonna Kill us!”  “My Brother’s gonna shit!” lines.

*Mickey Ward and Dicky  Eklund  – The Fighter

The reason I gave a star here is because of all the brothers on this list these are the only real ones.  But you can’t deny how awesome the pairing of Wahlberg and Bale was in this film.  Both did an excellent job and it was a very solid movie.

Mortimer and Randolph Duke – Trading Places

It’s a close call but these guys might be my favorites on this entire list.   The sheer greed and absolute dismissive take on human life is hilarious in this movie.   These guys couldn’t be anymore ruthless if they tried.   P.S. I love their cameos in Coming to America.

The Corleone Brothers – Godfather Movies

You can’t do a brothers in movies list without mentioning the Corleones.   That would be a total crime.

The Hanson Brothers – Slap Shot

Remember these guys?  I feel like they made black rimmed glasses fun to wear in the early 80s.   What’s also great is that you didn’t see too many sports movies that had brothers.   This was a classic role and there was definitely some Hanson hype after the movie.  I would definitely dress as these guys for Halloween.

Jake and Elwood Blues – The Blues Brothers

This is another one of those “given” pairings.   Hell the name of the movie has the word “Brothers” in it.

Brennan Huff and Dale Doback – Stepbrothers

Here’s another movie that has the name “Brothers” in it.   Of all the folks on this list Dale and Brennan are the only step brothers.  But who cares?  This movie is way too funny to leave off.

Gale and Evelle Snoats – Raising Arizona

Remember these guys?  Who can forget Goodman and Forsythe in this movie.   The best part is when they break out of jail and keep screaming.

Doughboy and Ricky – Boyz in the Hood

It kind of sucks when they fight but otherwise a great pairing.   A drug dealing thug and an aspiring football player who are constantly at odds because their mother favors one over the other.

*Honorable mention – The Earps, Legends of the Fall Brothers,  Brothers McMullen, Brothers (2009), Night at the Roxbury

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  1. This one might be considered a bit of a SPOILER so be warned:

    The brothers in the movie prestige are what I’d consider the best I’ve ever seen. Truly dedicated dudes.

  2. I concur with the what Hopton said. The Bordens were loyal to one another all throughout the film.

    Not sure if they count though since Natty said something about ‘portrayal of a brother relationship’ and the film only shows(or at least reveals) these interactions in the final act.

  3. What about Four Brothers? That badass movie at least deserves an honorable mention. It’s another Wahlberg classic, and one of the first movies where I took Andre 3000 seriously as an actor.

  4. I would add the brothers from “Hermano” a Venezuelan movie. I understand why you wouldn’t know about it, but man, look it up if you can, it’s a fantastic movie.

  5. How about The Gecko Brothers in From Dusk Til Dawn? And yeah, even though I hated Boondock Saints, I’m surprised the McManus Brothers didnt make this list.

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