Ultra Mecha WALL-E and EVE

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Wall-E may have been adorably decrepit in his movie, with EVE sleek and cute, but what if when they grew up and humanity started to fight with each other once again, they got badass-ified for war?

Here artist SgtHK images such a thing, and as you can see the result is pretty damn cool. EVE is practically Iron Man and WALL-E is about halfway to a Mechwarrior. If Pixar keeps up with their sequel parade as of late, I wouldn’t mind seeing a future film including these versions of the two of them.

I wonder if Pixar will ever make a PG-13 or R-rated movie? Is it simply not allowed in their charter or something? I’d just be curious as to how their creativity would extend to other genres.

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  1. They have done other genres, what you mean is if they will ever do a different rating; PG-13 or R. WALL-E looks like he mated with one of the wheeled terminators in that Air Force Base where Skynet originated from in T3.

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