Ten of the Best Fan Made Movie Trailers

A good trailer is a beautiful thing, and a great one can stand the test of time even if the film itself didn’t turn out to be all that great (looking at you Prometheus).

But as it happens, you don’t have to be the editor of the film to make a trailer. No, anyone with a lot of ripped movies and a knowledge of film editing can fashion their own spot.

This list shows films that have since been made, and some that never will be. But all feature rather good editing or acting talent, and you should check them all out below. Feel free to add your own in the comments.



It’s way, way more elaborate than it should be, but surprisingly elaborate video editing might make this the ultimate fan made trailer for a movie that will never, ever happen. At least not with that cast.

Green Lantern


Before Green Lantern disappointed almost everyone, there was hope that it might be up there with the other great superhero films. One where Nathan Fillion had the titular role instead of Ryan Reynolds. With how Reynold’s version turned out, it’s clear they would have been better off going with Mal.

World War Z


This movie is coming out someday, but we’re a long way off from a trailer. Fortunately, we have about 100 other zombie movies we can salvage footage from in order to make s pot.

The Avengers


We’ve since seen the final result, but before there was any footage, one fan spliced together the vital parts of the other films to fashion a surprisingly well made trailer featuring earth’s mightiest heroes.

John Carter


Marketing was this movies main problem. If they had any idea how to sell it (like this) it wouldn’t have been the colossal bomb that it was.

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  1. Wow, I have to say you are spot-on with the John Carter trailer being better then what actually came out.

    I have actually read “A Princess of Mars” and when the movie “John Carter” came out I had NO IDEA what it was about until I read on the internet that it was based on “A Princess of Mars”. Sorry, John’s name just wasn’t so memorable it stuck in my head. I’ll have to check it out when it hits Netflix, looks pretty cool.

  2. As awesome as the Nathan Fillion Green Lantern movie could have been, I am glad it didn’t happen because I feel that Joss Whedon would have directed it which would have meant no Avengers.

  3. I hate to say it, but I had NO idea what was going on in that Justice League trailer. Did they not have access to any clips from the old tv show of The Flash? It didn’t look like The Flash was even included. And where was that Martian hunter guy? Also, sorry for not being too familiar with the Justice League but did the black superhero have any powers at all?

  4. You could have added the Dora the explorer trailer by College Humor. They did a very nice job and it makes me want to see it even though I don’t like the show!

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