A Collection of Artistic Movie Posters

Movie posters have the ability to be redesigned in any number of ways by any number of artists, and I’ve found a new interpretation of the genre that I thought were rather good.

These prints are from artist Christian Petersen who has taken a number of sci-fi themed movies and redesigned their posters into works of art. From Inception to Harry Potter to Blade Runner to Star Wars, he has a new look for a whole host of classics, and you can see some of his best work below.

For even more of his prints, including a bunch of Dr. Who themed ones, you can head over to his Etsy store here, and pick some up for decoration if you like.

Gallery starts below:

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  1. I love how Paul used “found” twice in the same sentence! There are plenty of synonyms for “found”. Appears to be weak writing to me.

    The starwars posters are cool. Took me a minute to get the first one as I was thinking in robot terms.

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