10 Funny Deleted Scenes from Classic Comedy Movies


Just as yesterday you were brought deleted scenes from drama movies, today I have decided to look out for the same type of stuff but from comedies.   I’m guessing it might be even harder to delete scenes from comedy movies especially if you’re dealing with some hilarious people.

As a direct or editor you’d probably want to leave in just about anything that made you chuckle.  But it’s tough to think of the audience too.  Most times they get it right (in good comedies that is) but there’s always some funny stuff left over.

Here are 10 funny deleted scenes from classic comedy movies

Step Brother – One Present Each

Billy Madison Deleted Scenes

Dionne Warwick – Dumb and Dumber


Deleted Scene from Happy Gilmore

Yoga Scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Planning for Max’s Birthday – Old School

Wedding Crashers Beach Scene

Deleted Scene from Caddy Shack

Deleted Scene from Trading Places


The Classic Snowflake Rant from Ace Ventura


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  1. The best deleted scene’s can be found in 40 year old virgin…Most of them should have made it in the movie and if you liked 40 year old virgin then you would have loved it going on for another 45 minutes…the guys smoking out of an apple on the top of smart tech, extended scene ‘you know how i know your gay’, paula asks cal to buy her pot for when she quits smart tech…these are all a must see

  2. I was hoping to see some deleted scenes from CLASSIC comedy movies. Instead there were two. Trading Places was a classic. Caddyshack was a classic. But, seriously, you need to be aware that first of all, pretty much everything Kim Carrey ever made was a crock of faecal matter, and also none of the others could be possibly be considered comedy classics by anyone who has an IQ over 2 and has seen anything filmed prior to 1995.

    I mean, really?!

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