Movie Recommendation of the Week: Side Out

When it comes to cheesy sports movies there’s almost nothing that can compete with Side Out.   Let’s talk about the elements here.  First, a synopsis.   A law student comes to California for the summer to intern for his uncle thinking he wants to be a high powered laywer but he ends up playing professional volleyball with a man he summoned to court.

Who is the law student?  C. Thomas Howell.  Who is the volleyball partner?  Peter Horton with unbelievable hair (he was the guy in the show 30 something).   Then you’ve got Courtney Thorne Smith to round it out and even the dude who played Apollo Creed’s trainer in Rocky!

And yes, Randy Stoklos (famed volleyball legend) plays the bad guy Rolo Vincent.   The names in this movie are incredible.   Anyway, you guys obviously have to check this movie out.   Trailer after the jump….


How could you NOT want to see this?

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  1. Curse you! You could have warned us that watching that trailer would result in “Playing With the Boys” being in our head for the rest of the day!

    But seriously, I have to look that up. I love ’80s and ’90s “non-mainstream” sports movies (i.e. sports movies that aren’t about football, baseball, etc.). And I used to love playing sand volleyball (can’t call it beach volleyball when you live in Utah!). I spent more or less all day every day playing volleyball during the summer between high school graduation and leaving for college, and that wasn’t too many years after this movie would have been around, so this should make for a great night of nostalgia. Now if I could only find my official Sinjin Smith signature ball…

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