Macabre Museum will be a Co-op Treasure Hunting Adventure

Macabre Museum is a new first-person adventure game that can have up to 4 players in any session. Borrowing elements from the 2006 movie, Night at the Museum, this game takes things to another level. Players will choose between four distinct characters; an investigator, a journalist, an influencer, and an archaeologist. Each will all varying skills and abilities as they are all locked in a massive museum overnight as all the exhibits come to life. Yielding magical, primal, and modern weapons, players must venture through the hallways and warp through time. Acting as a HUD of the overall game, the museum will offer a variety of different biomes to explore. Everything from ancient Egypt to prehistoric landscapes. The ultimate goal of this game is to collect magical crystals that are tucked away in every exhibit which will open up the exit to escape. Of course, this won’t be as easy as it sounds.

Along with death-dealing traps, there will be puzzles and obstacle courses to complete. Additionally, Macabre Museum will also have procedurally generated runs. Therefore, this game will come with a replayability factor that will keep things fresh. Let’s not forget that there will also be mythological monsters to face. Ranging from all facets of folklores and legends across the ethers of time. This game comes with an old-fashioned adventure feel to it. Something that hasn’t been around in the gaming community in a long time. With games like Tomb Raider and perhaps Pitfall being the most notable examples. There is a lot to chew on with this game. It appears to be offering a sample platter of various features that are generally offered in adventure games. Not to mention that there is also a horror element to this title. This won’t be a light-hearted affair, by any means. It actually appears to be quite dark.

Time Trip

At its heart, Macabre Museum is basically a time-traveling game. Players will be exploring various time periods which can look a little cliche in their choices. Nonetheless, there is still a romping good time to have. Players will be solving a slew of puzzles and also platforming across all kinds of arenas. The kicker is that they won’t know what will be waiting for them. Every run-through will be randomly generated and knowing what to expect will be a “roll of the dice.” With that said, this game is teeming with new passageways, tunnels, and new areas to discover. Which, in turn, will come in handy with escaping pursuing enemies, and finding new items. Yes, there is quite a bit of collectibles to find in this game. Mostly, clues from other adventurers that document their travels and what they have gleaned.

How the exhibits hold the power to come to life is a mystery that players must solve. Exploring the museum is encouraged. The story is told by collecting information. Thusly, there will also be an environmental narrative to assist with the plot. A number of melee weapons can be brandished in Macabre Museum. Things like swords, spears, torches, and clubs. Hence, players will be able to fight off monsters and all the creepy crawlies within. Much like in A Plague’s Tale, there will be swarms of creatures to avoid in this game. Of course, they won’t be rats. Instead, they will come in the guise of piranhas, spiders, and scarabs. Enemies will all be relative to the place and period, naturally. The thing is that sometimes runs will have nothing but traps to avoid. While other runs will be peppered with enemies springing up. Players will be going in, mostly blind to what is planned for them.

Myths and Monsters

Thusly, there will also be titan-like monsters to deal with in Macabre Museum. Things like mummies, minotaurs, sasquatches, and ghostly kings. There will be times to players will need to fight them in combat. However, most of the time players will just need to escape them in one piece. Rowing canoes, jumping chasms, fighting natives, and swimming to safety are all intertwined with any given session. Areas will randomly warp from one place to the next. This will be especially true whenever someone snatches up one of the crystals. Once that happens, then that’s when things get truly intense. These will be the moments where players will feel like Indiana Jones trying to outrun danger with the McGuffin in hand. Places will crumble, enemies will give chase, and booby traps will begin springing to life. Players will need to have cat-like reflexes to best all the hazards that lay before them.

A big portion of Macabre Museum will be with the puzzles. When it comes to globe-trotting adventures, this was always a prime element. Things like finding the right switches, playing a giant game of chess, and lining up beams of light will need to be solved. All of these will also be randomized, of course. So, just simply memorizing a puzzle will only go so far. Even though this is made to be a co-op experience, players can also opt on playing single-player. This most likely won’t be the most ideal way to play, but it can be done if someone chooses. This game is still under heavy development and there is still much to discover with it. It is one of those games that not very many gamers know about. In any case, anyone that is looking for a pulpy adventure might want to have their eye on this.

Timely Treasures

As of right now, Macabre Museum is now available through early access. It may be rough around the edges right now, but take note that the developers are still working on this. It will be a pulpy adventure full of surprises and secrets. There is no definite date on when the full product will be released. However, Macabre Museum is at least showing the gaming community how it plays in its current state. This IP will be available for PC exclusively whenever it will be fully released to the public.

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