Pokemon Trainer Disney Princesses

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They did it. They finally did it.

Someone found a way to combine the two things we somehow feature most on this site, Disney princesses and Pokemon.

Artist Hapurianen wondered what it might look like if our favorite princesses were rendered in the style of oddly dressed Pokemon trainers. Seriously, no one in that world has any fashion sense. But her creations are more well styled than many of Nintendo’s own trainers, and it’s a cool little project that I just HAD to share.

[via Geekologie]

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  1. I like the Rapunzel one best, Ariel is cute and,, who is the third one on the top supposed to be? kinda seems they made two ‘versions’ of Cinderella but I could be trippin’,,, 😛

  2. Snowwhite, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Ariel, Mulan, Tiana and Rapunzal…..

    Where are Pocahontas and Jasmin…..


    Amazing work though

    Plus if your going to include Mulan you may as well include, Tinker Bell, Gisele (enchanted) and Alice, considering she’s not technically a princess by marriage or blood

  3. While she’s not a Princess, Mulan is included in the Disney Princesses collection. If you’ve seen the Disney Princess dolls, she’s always one of them. And she and Tiana look the best imo.

  4. Snow White – abomasnow (cuz, well, snow)
    cinderella – Clefable (The fairy pokemon to grand your wish!)
    Rose – Wigglytuff (easy)
    Bell – Chandelure (harder, thought maybe Purugly, but the candle thing works)
    Ariel- Stunfisk (cuz it’s a flounder)
    Mulan – Mienshao (kung-fu with feminine style)
    Tiana – Politoad (cuz of the whole frog thing)
    Rapunzel – Tangrowth (tangled… get it)

  5. Jasmine – Arcanine (fits her pet tiger)
    Jane – Slaking (cuz she’s into gorillas)
    Maid Marian – Ninetails (since she’s a fox in the Disney version)
    Esmeralda – Camerupt (it’s a camel, and has a hump back)
    Pocahontas – Shiftree (just feels right…)

  6. Thumbelina – Joltick (Only thing small enough!)
    Odette – Swanna (easy)
    Anastasia – Meowth (all for the payday…)
    Fiona – Granbull (it’s kind of an ogre…)
    Merida – Haven’t seen brave yet…
    Eilonwy – Grumpig (cuz of her piggy)
    Kida – Huntail (deep sea stuff)
    Giselle – Pachirisu (she has a chipmonk friend, best i could o)
    Alice – Lopunny (cuz it’s a rabbit, and it may be late…)
    Wendy – Chansey (she’s motherly?)
    Tinkerbell – Chimecho (runnin’ out of steam here)
    Megara – Sawk (to be her hercules!)
    Lilo – Sableye (kinda like stitch)

    k, i’m done now…..

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