Pro Starcrafters With Their Favorite Units

It’s a fact I don’t often broadcast, but one of my secret guilty pleasures is watching professional Starcraft. I know, I know, like I need to be any MORE of a nerd.

But whatever, it’s fun to watch (more so than it is to play in my opinion) and eSports with Starcraft 2 in the lead has grown leaps and bounds in America, so much so that I bet a number of you might be fans as well.

If so, then you might appreciate this portrait series from artist Fishuu that pairs famous SC2 pro players with some of their favorite units. As you can see from Losira and his Banelings above, this has the potential to be thoroughly adorable. Check out the rest below:

July with Zergling

Naniwa with Stalker

Nestea with Roach

Moon with Hydralisk

Huk with Probe

Bomber with MULE

MC with Sentry

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