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I’m never particularly clear when and for what reasons YouTube decides to show full-length movies legally, but whenever they do, it’s good to take advantage. They did this with Moon a while back, and now another sci-fi feature is available for consumption.

Primer is the time travel movie to end all time travel movies. I’ve seen it about five times, and I only have a vague idea of what’s actally going on. Not only can they time-travel, but they can take time machines inside of other time machines, and it’s just insane by the end. That said, if you can tolerate its dry tone and mass confusion, it’s a very, very smart film. If you have an hour and twenty minutes today, definitely give it a watch above.

Apologies in advance if this is unavailable outside the US, as these things tend to be for insipid reasons.

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  1. Great movie, and available in the UK for what it’s worth.

    I have to agree however that it is incredibly confusing, famously so, and so I’d recommend anyone that’s interested to read this link after the first viewing. It certainly helped explain things for me and made the effort involved in the writing even more appreciable.

  2. On a related note, there is also a full length 12 Monkeys on youtube, too. Another superb time travel movie. You should make a post about it, Paul.

  3. its really confusing at first but once it gets going its very easy to understand RIGHT UP TILL THE END. then it makes no sense at all.

    but how can you say you don’t understand it, coz by no i have thank to some graph you guys posted here once. (the graph that made me bookmark this site)

    this graph pretty much details everything and with this the film is “easy” to grasp.

  4. I know I am going to sound like a total prick…and I am trying not to, but as an engineer…I understood this movie better than any other film that “tries” to speak in our language.

    I put it this way…sci-fi films often leave me insanely pissed off in the way they dumb down everything or they just make shit up on the fly. Like say “the Core”. This film is so organic to me and its characters actually act normal…for engineers I guess.

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