This Live Action Tomb Raider Music Video Ft. Lisa Foiles

There’s a lot of buzz going around about the newest Tomb Raider live action film starring Alicia Vikander. A completely new story separate from the 2001 film that catapulted Angelina Jolie’s career, this Tomb Raider reboot has gotten mixed reviews so far. However, there’s more to be excited about in the gaming world, as rumors of a new Lara Croft game has been confirmed. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is set to hit shelves on September 14 this year.

In honor of the movie and the new video game, indie musician Gavin Dunne has teamed up with actress Lisa Foiles to create a live action music video of Dunne’s latest song, Edge of the World. It’s rare to see Miracle of Sound, Dunne’s music project name, on video, and having Lisa Foiles singing on screen is a welcomed treat as well. You can see Dunne’s scenes shot in the studio, while Foiles shines against the backdrop of the setting sun behind a rocky desert. The music video has gained over 45k views on YouTube, a testament to the fan base of both Dunne and Foiles.

Irish indie musician Gavin Dunne has been writing music inspired by video games and movies since 2010. His fan base is largely among the gaming community, and through his success as an indie musician, Dunne began coordinating with game developers regarding his music. You can hear a few of his songs in various videogames.

American actress and video game journalist Lisa Foiles has been in and around the industry for a while now. Her career started off with television roles. She began working on video game based work in 2010, when she started a website called Save Point. Save Point is full of game reviews and articles. She also currently provides the voice of Jocelyn the Intern in a web series called The Desk of Death Battle.

Contrary to what fans would love, Edge of the World did not make it to the movie or the videogame. Still, you can enjoy the song and music video online as much as you’d like.

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