Evil Dead: The Game – Splatter Royale Tips

Evil Dead: The Game has centered around its asymmetrical mode ever since it first launched. Only recently, the developers decided to throw something new into the mix, known as Splatter Royale. This is basically a twisted rendition of the Battle Royale genre. The core elements of this particular game mode still remain intact. However, there are a few noticeable differences. Up to 40 players can load up on a map and duke it out to see who will be the last ghoul standing. Yes, ghouls are the very things that are selectable in the rather extensive roster. Not only can players take control of a possessed Ash and other survivors, but also all the demons themselves.

The maps that are used in Splatter Royale are the same ones found in the asymmetrical multiplayer. There is not much difference between them except the gameplay mechanics. Don’t think that all the upgrades there were unlocked are going to matter here. No, instead there’s an entirely separate skill tree to work with regarding the Battle Royale game type. They are broken up into; Marksman, Butcher, Assassin, and Commando categories. Of course, this is a very different setup in comparison to the asymmetrical multiplayer. Given that certain skins are attributed to particular skills, this isn’t the case with Splatter Royale.

Hence, players can build any character any way they want. They can make Pablo a tank, Henry The Red a skilled marksman, etc. So, in terms of skins, players need to think strategically. Picking a smaller character with darker colors is one way to go. In fact, it is probably the best option. In terms of design, Evil Dead: The Game isn’t the most vibrant game. The maps are; dense, opaque, and winding. While playing as a smaller character, not only are you a smaller target, but it’s easier to escape and hide.

Be Pragmatic With Character Choices

Heneritta, Scotty, the Blacksmith even Ash are pretty big targets. So, try out the Elios minions, skeletons, Kelly, Mia, and maybe even Pablo. Even though it is tempting to play as Legacy characters, don’t be afraid to try someone new. As mentioned before, the skills and abilities of the asymmetrical multiplayer mode don’t apply to Splatter Royale. Everyone is on equal playing ground. So, when starting off, players will need to build up their characters from the ground up. Play around with different tactics when starting out. Then, make a note of what is the most effective and begin unlocking abilities to custom-make a deadly demon of your own right.

Stick With Your Strengths

Now, every player has their style when it comes to Splatter Royale. With Marksman, players that like guns can work on this build. Butcher is all about melee. Commando is a mix between the two, while Assassin excels with stamina, sneaking, and one-handed weapons. Of course, every player is different. Some prefer to get their hands dirty with melee, while others like to lean back and shoot from afar. It is best to stick with just one strategy to win matches, instead of jumping around and trying a little bit of everything. It’s not to say that players don’t need to experiment a little bit when starting out. Because they do. That’s how gaming works. However, once you find your groove, it is best to stick with it and tweak the required perks to help give you the best chance of victory.

Go Slow And Mind The Map

As seasoned Battle Royale players know, every match is a crap shoot. Once a player spawns on the map, gather up whatever items are near you. Don’t be choosey, because anything is better than going in bare-handed. Now, depending on what class you are trying to build up, it is a good idea to switch out weapons as soon as possible. There are loot crates scattered through the map, sure. However, an alternative for finding better loot is locating fields of demon portals. Bot demons will jump through the portals and attack you. Make short work of them and they will drop some extra loot. Just keep in mind that noise and fast movement will give away your position on the map. So once the demons are slain, get out of that area as fast as possible before another player shows up.

Spawn Quick, Move Inwards

Every map in Splatter Royale has hot spots that are loaded with loot. It is advised to spawn away from those areas and fight toward them. Yes, loot will be a little harder to find, but there won’t be as many players. Everyone likes to spawn within areas that have all the good stuff. Once another player is downed, taking their supplies will quickly put you in a better position. Thusly, this is a good way to wait out some of the competition and have other players kill each other. Of course, if you feel lucky, then spawning on hot spots could be beneficial for finding higher Tier loot. However, it will be way more dangerous. Get a feel of the map and decide on which trade-off to use. Don’t be afraid to fight dirty. Plug enemies from a distance or sneak up on them for a cheap melee move. As mentioned before, try and go slow and stay under the radar.


Splatter Royale in Evil Dead: The Game has its fans for sure. As more content comes into play in the near future, the player base could potentially increase. Only to have this game mode become even more challenging. There are many ways to play a Battle Royale-type game mode. Hopefully, this guide will give a little insight into how to get started and effectively build up a play style that is beneficial. Evil Dead: The Game is now available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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