How to Solve Chick’s Treasure Map in Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption

Anyone familiar with the gaming world knows the reputation Rockstar games has when it comes to developing some of the most spectacular gaming experiences ever. Games such as Manhunt, Grand Theft Auto, and Red Dead Redemption have cemented Rockstar as the master storyteller when it comes to games of the action-adventure genre. Red Dead Redemption 2 is an open world game where you play as fictional character, Arthur Morgan, an outlaw suffering from the effects of tuberculosis. As the player, you must navigate through the wild west of 1899, engaging in missions and other activities. One of those activities involves locating treasure stashes. Red Dead Redemption 2 is another title in Rockstar’s ever expanding library of games. The game is a colorful tapestry of character driven storylines which offer the player enjoyment and immersion. The game has a total of 11 treasure stashes in the game. The one we’re going to look at is Chicks treasure map. In order to solve this and obtain the treasure consisting of bundles of cash, you must first make your way to Chapter 2 of the game.

Chick Mathews: Money Lending and Other Sins

The first thing you’ll have to do is engage in the mission titled “Money Lending and Other Sins”. Here, you’re required to collect the money that Chick owes Leoppold Strauss who is the Van der Linde gang’s bookkeeper. Go to Guthrie Ranch where Chick works and talk to a ranch hand. The Guthrie Ranch is located in New Hanover. Once Chick knows you’re after him, he takes off on horseback. Mount up and chase him down. Just don’t shoot him to loot him, as your honor level will decrease. Instead, get him with the lasso. Once captured with the lasso, Chick must then be hogtied, after which Arthur must interrogate him so Chick will talk. During the interrogation scene Chick will beg for Arthur to set him free in exchange for his treasure map, which Arthur does. Chick then takes off, and you can then go after the treasure. To ensure the mission runs well, there are a few things to remember. First, when you go to the Guthrie ranch, you must talk to a ranch hand. If you don’t, the mission becomes unavailable to you. If that happens try to leave the area, return and speak to a ranch hand.. If you talk to Chick before a ranch hand, Chick will tell you to talk to a ranch hand. Another option which may work for you if you do talk to Chick before a ranch hand, try pointing your gun at him, then the chase can occur as normal.

Chicks Treasure Map

Now that you have Chicks treasure map, open it up to take a look. The map will have the image of a tree with a hole in it. The hole has an arrow pointing to it which indicates that this is where the treasure is. There is also some writing on the map which states: “If something should happen to me, my worldly possessions are stored here.” However, that’s just about it. Chicks treasure map doesn’t exactly give you the direct location. There are no directions whatsoever, add to that the problem of the tree being in an area of the forest heavy with trees and plenty of brush. However, know that the act of locating the tree is pretty easy, as the gameplay will take you there. But just in case you find it a bit confusing we’ll help you locate the treasure, so let’s get right down to it.

Locating the Tree with the Treasure

The map doesn’t say it, but the tree is found a little south of Grizzlies East. The tree with the treasure is located near Moonstone Pond. Moonstone Pond is found in Grizzlies East, just east of Three Sisters. If you take out Chicks map again, notice that there is a curved line in the upper left-hand corner, one that runs south of Moonstone Pond. This curved line represents the railroad tracks. As you can tell from this image of the map showing the trees exact location, it matches that curved line of the railroad tracks. So, in case you do get stuck, just look for a path on your personal map that matches that of Chicks map.Once you locate the giant tree, simply extract the treasure from the hole.

Things to Do When You Get There

Once you locate the tree and collect the booty, why not see what else you can do while you’re in the area of Moonstone Pond? Below, we’ve taken the liberty to locate some of the items you can find in this area. Items that you may need in order to complete some of the side quests in the game, such as the Dragon’s Mouth Orchids. Items of interest near Moonstone Pond include the Hewing Hatchet. The Hewing Hatchet can be used by Arthur as a melee weapon, it can also be thrown. Look for the Flattened Cabin. Here you’ll locate a chest that contains the Homing Tomahawk Pamphlet. This pamphlet holds the list of supplies necessary to craft the Homing Tomahawk. However, in order to get the information, you must read the pamphlet. Go to the nightstand and look into its top drawer. There you’ll find a jewelry bag. Rock Carving #8 can be found south from Moonstone Pond. North of Moonstone Pond you’ll find the “Face in Cliff”. Climb the scaffolding and locate a lockbox. The box contains an apple, some jewelry, rum and a Special Health Cure Pamphlet. There is one Dragon’s Mouth Orchid west of Moonstone Pond. Once collected, travel a little ways to Grizzlies East and collect some Dragon Mouthed Orchids. 5 such orchids are needed to complete the side quest, “Duchesses and other Animals” for Algernon Wasp.

In Summary

There are a few other treasure maps in the game, most of them are not as straighforward as Chicks. However, it’s the Chick’s treasure map that gives you a clue as to what you’ll need to do on future searches. In closing, we’ve summarized the steps you’ll need to complete before you get Chick’s treasure

  • Get to chapter 2 of the game
  • Visit Guthrie Ranch
  • Talk to a ranch hand who points out Chick Mathews
  • Watch Chick ride off and follow him
  • Don’t shoot him with your gun, lasso him instead
  • Hogtie him
  • Interrogate him
  • Take the map and let him go.
  • Find Moonstone Pond
  • Enter the wooded area which is south of Moonstone Pond
  • Find the tree with the hole. It’s a massive tree so should be easy to find

Get the cash and move on

We hope you’ll enjoy playing the rest of Red Dead Redemption 2. Those of you who are rock-solid fans of the franchise should be aware that in 2021 Rockstar games announced that there would be a sequel to the game, with Take Two Interactive’s CEO Strauss Zelnick proclaimed that Red Dead is a franchise that will “never expire”.

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