PS Plus May 2022 Games Announced

Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service primarily allows PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 gamers to play their games online, making it an essential purchase for PlayStation players in the modern age. But, it also has a secondary benefit in that each month members gain access to multiple free games to claim and keep forever. In the past, this has ranged from some hidden gem titles to brand new day one AAA releases. Gamers that have been subscribed to the service since it began will now have hundreds of free games in their collection to install and play whenever they want. As we approach a new month, it is time for the next batch of PS Plus games to be released, with both PS4 and PS5 games being on offer in May 2022. Here are all of the games that will be added to PS Plus in May 2022 as well as other PS Plus news.

PS Plus May 2022 Release Date

The next set of PS Plus games for May 2022 will include three games in total, with all three being playable on PS4 and two of them also come with a PS5 port of the game. Players will be able to download and claim the games from May 3, 2022, as long as they have an active PS Plus membership. The games will remain playable as long as the membership is active, but if it ends then the games will become locked until the subscription is renewed.

FIFA 22 – PS4/PS5

FIFA 22 is the first game that players will be able to download and one that is sure to be incredibly popular. The FIFA franchise is one of the most popular in the world, with the latest title usually staying in the charts for the entire year before the next game is released. Players will be able to download the PS4 and PS5 ports, although both will need to be claimed individually. This means that next-gen gamers will be able to take advantage of the more powerful hardware with increased performance. Sony and EA are also giving away the PlayStation Plus FUT Pack for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, which is guaranteed to include 11 players rated 82 or above to help players build their dream squad in the game.

Tribes Of Midgard – PS4/PS5

Tribes of Midgard blends survival and Action-RPG elements together along with a backdrop of Norse mythology. The game has a colorful cel-shaded art style with the gameplay taking inspiration from the likes of Diablo, Lost Ark, and other top-down/isometric style games. Players will be able to claim and download both the PS4 and PS5 ports of the game, and it is worth doing as it has a respectable 71% score on Metacritic, not the best score but certainly high enough to take a punt on.

Curse Of The Dead Gods – PS4

The final game to be given away this month is Curse of the Dead Gods, a single-player roguelike game that is also cel-shaded and sees the player explore temples and fight hordes of monsters, and escape deadly traps. Curse of the Dead Gods performed slightly better than Tribes of Midgard, scoring 79% on PS4, but an even more impressive score of 90% on the Xbox One version. With the two ports being the same it is fair to assume the combined score is somewhere in the middle, making this a game you should certainly add to your to-play list if you’re a fan of roguelike games.

PS Plus April 2022 Games

Players have until May 2, 2022, to claim the currently available games for April 2022, which includes three more games for free. These games are Hood: Outlaws & Legends, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated, and Slay the Spire. The highlight of this list is certainly SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated as this will have a huge nostalgia element with a lot of gamers.

Last Chance To Download Persona 5 For Free

The PS Plus Collection is a set of extra games that PS Plus members that own a PS5 can get access to for free as part of their subscription. Like the regular monthly PS Plus games, players that claim the game are able to play them as long as their membership remains active. So far, none of the games that have been added have ever been removed, but that is set to change as Persona 5 is leaving the PS Plus Collection on May 11. PS Plus members that have claimed the game and added it to their library before May 11 will be able to keep playing it as part of their subscription, so make sure to claim it before the date.

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