The 20 Best Minecraft Shaders of 2022


Many players in Minecraft set their minds to building their world, piece by piece. However, what some might overlook, is the overall “look” of the game, and this is where Minecraft shaders come. It’s the shader which adds that something extra to your world. Shaders can do many things depending on the one you select for your world. Some shaders work well with lighting effects, for instance, making your world bright and vibrant. Below, we’ll be going over the best Minecraft shaders available in 2022.

How to Install Minecraft Shaders

Minecraft Shaders are nothing more than mods. A mod is an addition to a game which is designed to enhance gameplay. Minecraft Shaders work to tweak the game’s graphics so that a certain mood can be achieved. This means that they alter the lighting, coloring, and environment. For instance, a shader can enhance the look of the environment by making the colors brighter or adding reflections to the water. To get an idea of how shaders differ, check out this video. If you’ve experience with installing mods to enhance your gaming experience, you’ll find that installing Minecraft shaders is just as easy. What you’ll need is is a mod manager and Optifine. Optifine is just what the name implies, it optimizes. With Optifine helps with optimizing your frames per second or fps as well as assisting in lessening that pesky lag which can occur. When we look at mod managers, most Minecraft gamers recommend Forge. As a mod manager, Forge works to ensure that whatever mods you’ve added, will get along so no crashes will occur. When it comes to downloading shaders, that’s where your research comes into play. If this is your first time, you can visit Minecraft forums and make inquiries, watch YouTube videos or visit pages like ShaderMods. There you’ll have access to most shaders as well as preview images.

Minimum and Recommended Requirements for Most Minecraft Shaders

The information that follows is presented in order to give you a general idea of what hardware requirements you’ll need to use them. Always check the individual Minecraft shaders for their requirements. Regaring minimum requirements listed, those stats only refer to low-end Minecraft shaders, not the high-end or more powerful, recent ones.

Minimum Requirements

  • RAM should be at least 4GB
  • Basic graphics cards should be a NVIDIA GeForce 700 series or an AMD Radeon Rx200 Series card
  • Your CPU must be a Dual-Core Intel or AMD
  • Recommended Requirements
  • Quad Core CPU unit, brands Intel or AMD
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070/RTX 2070 or AMD RX 5700 or greater graphics cards
  • At least 10 GB of RAM

The 20 Best Minecraft Shaders of 2022

We’ve compiled a list of the best Minecraft Shaders below. Some of these shaders are recent, high-end shaders while other serve people who have older computers. No matter which shader you choose, remember to read the requirements carefully to see if your system can handle them, or you won’t see the benefits of that shader. Also be sure to check the developers website of the shader you choose, as they will post links to any updates they have. Finally, sit back and enjoy the fresh, new look that your game will have as a result of downloading a shader pack, as it makes your gameplay more immersive and enoyable.

20. Kappa Shaders

Kappa Shaders were developed in 2019 and have since had over 300,000 downloads. While some players like the vanilla appearance, and even purchase shaders which optimize the original look, others don’t. Enter shader packs like Kappa. By using Kappa, you’ll be certain to never have the vanilla look again. The lighting effects are spectacular as are the shadows and volumetric clouds. Additional features include: Bloom, lens flares, depth of field, dynamic shadows, atmospheric scattering and more.

19. DrDestens Minecraft Shaders

DrDestens Minecraft Shaders center on making your game more realistic. In fact, you can see the difference it makes to your game. This shader pack works to eliminate much of the vanilla look that originally comes with the game. If you’d like more detail you can pair the shader pack with PBR texturepacks if desired. Features include: Depth of field, ambient occlusion, bloom, motion blur, godrays, smooth sky gradient and more.

18. Nostalgia Shader

Nostalgia Shaders aim to send your Minecraft game back in time to versions 1.17 and before. Let’s face it, there may be times when you want to go back, and for whatever reason, the Nostalgia Shader pack is here to help you get there. In other words, certain effects such as reflections and fog which exited in previous editions of Minecraft are returned. Features of Nostalgia Shaders include: Volumetric clouds, dynamic shadows, custom skybox and lighting, and more.

17. Sunflower Shaders

Charming, captivating and cheerful could very well describe the effects of the Sunflower Shaders. The entire environment of the game brightens up considerably, ridding the game of the drab and dull vanilla look. What Minecraft players really like about this shader is that it doesn’t sop up too much power. In fact, players have reported that it runs on even older computers, Noatry states, ” heya! LOVE THIS SHADERS! my computer is a bit crappy and isn’t a fan of shaders, but these shaders give it an fps drop of about 10-20 which is wayyy better than other ones i’ve tried.”

16. SORA Shaders

SORA Shaders are popular among the Minecraft crowd because of the way they transform your game from same old, same old, to wow! SORA shaders don’t alter the coloration of your environment like other shaders. In fact, if you like the soft vanilla look of the game, SORA shaders will keep it there for you. Instead, it makes the vanilla coloration look exquisite. Of all the features, lighting seems to be the most favored, as it creates a soft warm glow with plenty of reflections

15. Continuum Shaders

If reality is your thing, then the Continuum Shaders pack is for you. This shader pack comes out ahead of much of the competition when it comes to creating photo realistic effects in terms of lighting and shading. Continuum Shaders help to give your game an ultra-realistic look, which means you’ll need the best graphics card you can get to enjoy the benefits of this shader.

14. Triliton’s Shaders Mod

According to the developer of the shaders, “My shaders aim to give players a more colorfully, vibrant and alive feeling. I have aimed for brighter colors and a warm look.” Indeed, when you use Triliton’s Shaders you’ll soon notice that everything from the reflections, colors, godrays and so on will be greatly altered in order to create a more vibrant, less vanilla look. One plus is that this shader eliminates any indoor fog effects. Other features include motion blur, depth of field, improved rain effects and shadows.

13. Beyond Belief Shaders

The Beyond Belief shader is for those of you searching for a shader which will give your gaming environment a realistic look. Developed by Daniel Rodriguez Moya, fans of this shader enjoy the clarity this shader gives the environment during Minecraft storms. Reflections and shadow reflects are also quite admirable. The downside, is that updates for this shader aren’t as frequent as other shaders.

12. Oceano Shaders

Oceano shaders work to increase the brightness and saturation of your game. So, if you’re looking to get rid of Minecraft’s “vanilla” look, this might be the one to try out. Different than most shaders, this one might be best for a more fantastical Minecraft environment rather than a realistic one, depending on the look you’re going for. Finally, as you may have guessed by the name, this shader works remarkably well with bodies of water in your environment.

11. GLSL Shaders Mod

The GLSL Shaders pack is a favorite among Minecraft players as it works well with multiple mods. So, if you’re someone who enjoys experimenting with the game, this shader pack could serve you nicely. Another plus is that this shader increases the contrast that exists between light and dark, which gives off a rich effect.

10. AstraLex Shaders

The most recent version of the AstraLex Shader pack allows players to obtain more optimized visuals than before. Big improvements include better lighting, the addition of god rays, enhanced sun and moon glow and much more. Of course, these effects from the new version of AstraLex Shaders will only be there best on high-end computers. The look is definitely cinematic, which makes this a great go-to shader pack for those of you who stream your Minecraft adventures.

9. Complementary Shaders

This is a high-end shader pack, powerful and effective. The developers of the Complementary shader pack sought to create a shader pack which would include features that would benefit your entire game. Made to be compatible with most graphics cards it can do things others can’t.

8. KUDA Shaders Mod

Another favorite of Minecraft players are the KUDA Shaders. This shader pack will gift you with amazing effects, effects so substantial that you’re immersion will quickly deepen. Features include a 3D lighting effect, water caustics and waves, fog, improved reflections.

7. Chocapic13 Shaders

Chocapic13’s Shader pack is absolutely bursting with features. These features include: Bloom, depth of field, wavy plants, volumetric clouds, water shader, fog, and many many more. Users of this shader pack find the level of realism added to their game is more than they anticipated. While it seems heavy for your system, it’s actually not. In fact, upon installation, you’ll notice that your game still runs smoothly.

6. Lagless Shaders Mod

No gamer likes lag, period. Lagless Shaders help ensure that these shaders can enhance your Minecraft environment without causing you any performance issues. This is good news for those of you who currently run Minecraft on older computers, as you can still have an optimized environment with little or no lag. However, if you do have a new and powerful machine, don’t waste your time on these shaders, as they won’t have the features that other shaders on our list, such as KUDA, do.

5. CrankerMan’s TME Shaders

TME shaders have been around Minecraft for quite a while now, and offers many effects. In fact, did you know that TME means “too many effects”? The pack is called “Crankerman’s” TME Shaders because Crankerman is the developer of the pack. The one reason players really like this shader is the way it optimizes the textures in Minecraft. Textures aren’t the easiest thing for shaders to optimize, but this shader does them quite well.

4. Cyanide Shaders Pack

For those of you who prefer the original “vanilla” Minecraft environment, yet are searching for a way to optimize it, then the Cyanide Shader pack may work for you. This shader pack isn’t for players looking for big changes, so take note. This shader pack offers you the ability to customize it via code as well.

3. Sildur’s vibrant Shaders

Sildur’s Vibrant Shaders Do exactly what the name suggests when it comes to lighting. In other words, if you find yourself dissatisfied with the level of lighting, then adding Sildur’s Vibrant Shaders is the way to go. Effects of Sildur’s Shaders includes godrays, shadows, ambient occlusion, bloom volumetric lighting and so on.

2. Sonic Ethers Unbelievable Shaders (SEUS)

The Sonic Ethers Unbelievable Shaders have been around for quite a while now. This familiar shader pack has been undergoing update after update, each one improving the performance of the shader pack, making your game look much better each time. Improved lighting and reflections are a big plus for this pack. Finally, know that this shader pack won’t ask much from your PC. This shader pack is constantly undergoing changes. To keep up the developer recommends you follow them on social media.

1. BSL Shaders

Our top pick for the best Minecraft Shaders of 2022 are BLS Shaders, and for good reason. BSL Shaders are known to give Minecraft players some of the most realistic effects of all shaders, depending on the look players are going for. Not only that, but for all they have to offer, the BSL shaders won’t cause your system to lag. Which means you’re not only getting top-of-the-line effects but doing so without sacrificing computer power. System requirements include: Minecraft Java Edition 1.7.10, Optifine or Iris, NVIDIA GeForce GTX750 graphics card or comparable brand.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 20 of the best Minecraft Shaders of 2022. Depending on the systems involved, you may experience different results and prefer some shaders over others, which is only natural. However, the one major thing that these shaders contribute, is by altering the overall appearance of your game. In its original state, Minecraft hosts a look players have coined as “vanilla”. While some don’t mind this look, other players were dissatisfied with the graphics quality. Hence, the development of shaders. If you have yet to add a shader pack to your Minecraft game, we suggest that you give it a try. The improved graphics will serve to make your game more immersive and enjoyable.

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