A Gallery of the Best Minecraft Creations to Date

Alright, I know that Minecraft is currently the biggest block graphics PC game craze since Jetman, but after all this time, I still don’t understand it. You get materials, turn them into other materials, and build things like houses and castles and giant Pikachus. Fun? Apparently.

After seeing some of these absurdly well done sculptures, I don’t even think it’s worth trying for me to get into this, so I’ll just sit back and admire from afar. Check out the rather large gallery below that has some of the best Minecraft creations I could find:


(via RedStoneWire)

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  1. Yeah, you make shit, but that’s not all the game is about. Most of these were made in classic, in fact all but one, where the only thing you can do is make shit. When you’re going down into a mine, salvaging resources, defending yourself from mobs, you really feel like there’s an objective to the game, even though you know that, right now, there isn’t.

    Don’t write it off so easily. It’s $13 for christ sake, give it a try.

  2. These are pretty impressive, but it’s all about making stuff in Survival mode where you have to get the materials first! (I know that limits the colors but it’s still more rewarding)

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  5. These all suck, they are just copies or they used a guide to make them.

    A good creation should have awe inspiring interiors that are massive on scale. Architecture should belittle the viewer, not just look neat…

  6. Loved Oracle of Ages!!!!! It’s my son’s favorite game!

    All of you pieces of shit who say this is fake, SHUT THE HELL UP.
    I’m so sick of your constant bitching! It’s ANNOYING.

  7. This stuff is crap. Iv’e seen a mod that can copy and image and place it on screen like that. They didn’t build any of it. You should see the stuff I CREATE and BUILD on my own. Compared to this garbage it’d be like seeing the face of a Minecraft God.

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