The Best Game Fails of the Year


Our good friends over at Achievement Hunter have gone ahead and made a video compilation of the greatest game fails of the year in 2011. Though there were likely thousands of clips to choose from, it’s hard to argue that this list is anything other than hilarious, and I was laughing by the second one.

As much as I disliked Halo Reach, this does go to show why the series as a whole is more fun than COD-type shooters. With that sort of physics engine, there’s just the ability for crazy stuff to happen that you’d never see in a straight-up military shooter like MW or Battlefield.

Anyway, it’s a hilarious video made even funnier by the guys who are presenting it. Be sure to subscribe to their channel here.

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  1. Hi,

    I couldn’t mention complete game fails, rather portion of games, that failed I think (e.g. SWTOR auction house, though the game itself is cool).

    Paul: how can I contact you in mail?


  2. Awesome sauce. The rolling mine was just too damn comical. And yeah, stuff like that is a reason all to itself why games like Halo beat all the typical boom you’re dead/boom they’re dead/boom you’re dead again military twitchfests.

  3. How do those guys make it “even funnier?” They’re about as amusing as a radio station’s Morning Zoo made of cancer and syphilis.

    Hey, maybe if they laughed at themselves even more…

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