Daft Punk on Mario Paint

Say what you will about Nintendo, but one thing they’ve always been is creative, which has resulted in “games” like Mario Paint as seen above. The game had a music editor that can still be used to this day, and is being used, in this case, to recreate Daft Punk’s recent hit, “Get Lucky.”

I’m amazed at how good a version this archaic game is able to produce, and I imagine it took quite a long time to sort out all the Boos, Coins and Game Boys that were needed to make this sound right. But it’s pretty damn perfect in the end, and you should give it a listen above.

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  1. This is a modified version of the original Mario Paint, as the original didn’t have sharps in it, and you were only allowed 3 icons per column. That said, these never fail to impress me.

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