It’s Just a Rock


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This is a rather cool collage that shows what one rock rendered in twenty one different games would look like. When I started at the top, I figured that it was a simple graphics comparison exercise, but as I moved down I realized it was far cool than that.

Yep, after FarCry, things start gettin’ weird, and by the end, in Mario World, the rocks are thoroughly adorable. It’s not so much a look at the evolution of graphics as it is a comparison of styles using something that would be likely to appear in all these games at some point.

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  1. – the haiku of my philosophy
    we are an organism on a rock that is becoming a star through the force of gravity. We cen tell this because the rock is hotter as you decend through it. Essentially, we are part of the energy-matter relationship that is the universe.

    For the organism, as long as it survives, things are good. There is no bad as long as it survives. Survival it the thing for the organism. But, it is just a rock.

    Really, we are flying through space-time at some millions of miles per hour. Big distances. Same principles apply.

    It’s just a rock.

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