Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game – Leland Character Guide

There is no question that Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game has untapped content to get into. Especially, since this entry is a prequel to the original movie. On the killer side, there are mostly familiar “faces” to choose from. However, when it comes to the victims, there’s a whole new crop of characters to pick. Of course, they all come with their pros and cons, just like with any other asymmetrical horror game. With Leland, he’s most likely the toughest character to try out. His rugged nature allows him to endure all sorts of punishment, accompanied by some tricks of his own.

Being distinctively different from other characters, like Sonny, for example, Leland is a much more “hands-on” victim. Being a High School jock can undoubtedly have its merits. In the case of Leland, he was an all-star wrestler which enabled him to literally fight back against the pursuing killers. This is his prominent ability and he would most likely be the ‘last man standing’ in any given match. Given his protective nature, Leland can be used in a number of ways. Either being a guardian for the weaker victims or a lone wolf that isn’t afraid to get ‘down and dirty.’

The main ability that is associated with Leland is “Life Saver.” This enables him to charge and knock down all the killers, not counting Leatherface. Yes, Leatherface is actually immune to this attack. One major downside with Leland is that his stealth is mostly non-existent. He can be spotted fairly easily and he will be flushed out on a regular basis during a match. Leland is a more offensive victim to play as, as opposed to a defensive one.

Leland’s Abilities

So, Leland’s Live Saver ability means exactly that. He can either save his own life or the lives of his friends. This ability can break through a variety of animations that are associated with attacking killers. They will fall to the ground and remain stunned for a prolonged period of time. Giving Leland and other players the chance to either hide or make an escape. Of course, this can only be done with one killer at a time. You can’t knock down multiple killers with this move. So, players will need to be frugal on how to use this.

When it comes to Leatherface, don’t bother trying to stun him. It simply won’t work. Instead, just find ways to avoid him and shake him off your tail. This can be a problem for Leland because, as mentioned before, he doesn’t come with much stealth. So, outrunning any killer will become a chore. Your best bet is to try and avoid getting captured, wait for the cooldown for your ability to complete, and then use it to stun the killers. That is your best way to escape pursuers while playing as Leland.

Leland’s Attributes

Leland’s does come with some rather hefty attributes, all things considered. His strength is up there at +40. Which can really help him out in a pinch. Thus, his toughness ranks at around +20, which is a little surprising given his background. With that said, his second-best attribute is endurance. This comes in at around +30. Leland is like a sponge that can take a beating and run circles around the killers when the occasion calls for it. He can move for a long time, without needing to catch a breath.

Leland’s proficiency stands at around +25. So, he can fix and assemble things at a fair rate, in comparison to other survivors. However, when doing such actions, Leland can be pretty noisy. This is because his stealth is at +10 and he is not much of a sneaker, by any means. Chances are that players will have a better time simply running away and keeping the killers busy while other victims do the busy work. This tactic can be risky, but Leland’s background gives him a tank-like demeanor that offers him a buffed-up health bar.

Leland’s Skills

There are a number of ways that players can upgrade Leland’s build. Two of the main perks to look into are ‘Full Hearts’ and ‘Radar Detector.’ These will give Leland a boost in health and enable him to recon the positions of the killers for other survivors. The two main skills for Leland that players should focus on are buffing up his stamina and toughness. This is what he is all about and players should embrace this while playing Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game. Leland is a character that isn’t afraid to confront people who are trying to harm him.

Another good perk to unlock is ‘No Sell.’ This will nerf the attacks of the killers, giving Leland the ability to escape and keep them focused on him. As mentioned before, Leland can be played as a “protector” to a certain degree. So, these perks can help him become one. The key to Leland lies in his endurance and toughness. Experiment with other perks and discover other ways he can play in this regard. The more endurance he has, the more he can charge and stun the killers. This is his most important attribute and nursing it is vital when it comes to Leland.


If a player doesn’t feel like sneaking around and being more rambunctious in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game, the Leland is a good choice. He is one of the most unique survivors to play as and a good he is a good choice while starting out. He is the closest thing to an action hero that this title has, and he can be fun to experiment with. As for stealth, there are other characters to look into such as; Julie and Sonny, for example. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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