Bloodborne 2: A Laundry List of Requests

There was a rumor that Bloodborne 2 is coming out of PS5 and there is a laundry list that comes along with it. Avid fans have been vocal about what they hope to see and experience in the new installation. The big question is, will the developers really produce a Bloodborne 2? If they do, will it live up to the expectations? While there is no indication that there is work being done on a new version of the game, it’s something that some players believe makes sense from a marketing point of view, and they’re wishing away. After considerable research into what exactly that is, here is the Bloodborne 2 laundry list of requests.

Request #1: Enhanced graphics

We turn to Game Rant for their insight into the possibilities. They discuss the way that Bloodborne took PS4 to its limits and alluded to how the sequel could light up with enhanced graphics just as easily. This is usually on at least some players’ wish list even if the graphics are already spectacular. It’s something that we can’t ever seem to get enough of. We can blame our constant desire for better graphics on the industry for making such big improvements from year to year. We’re getting spoiled. If we had to go back into the 1980s, perhaps we wouldn’t be so picky about our game graphics?

Request #2: Next Generation weaponry

The original game featured some really cool trick weapons but with the sequel on the horizon, players are ready for something new and evolutionary. One of the things that players are hoping to discover is new and more exciting weapons with greater capabilities that you can build in strength and upgrades that you can achieve. New melee weaponry is a wish that is at the top of the list. Game Rant indicates that this wish could easily be granted in the form of organically arising arms that come as the result of the evolution of the game. This notion will give you something to chew on and maybe even stoke a little more excitement about the release.

Request #3: A sequel that will go over and above the rest

Players are looking for something new and exciting that will surpass their expectations. It sucks to be disappointed with a lackluster game. Too many game sequels have let us down in the past. FromSoftware has the opportunity to do something big by surpassing current expectations and everyone is hoping that the sequel will outperform the original game at least in a few aspects.

Request #4: Connected series

The developer for the game has already forged a reputation for making connections with other series in its sequels. There haven’t been many complaints about the improvements made. It’s a hope that this will continue to be the case and that there will be just enough familiarity to bring a smile and a hint of recognition while taking us all in new directions to keep gameplay fresh and exciting.

Request #5: Give us new features

Playing a new game that has the same old features can be monotonous. While it’s good to include them in the new release, it’s almost essential to throw in a few new features that provide noticeable upgrades for the abilities, actions, upgrades, loot, and more. Players want to see diversity in the new sequel including new attack modes, more ways to upgrade weapons and gain experience points, and so forth.

Request #5: New weapons features

In particular, players really want to see different functions for the weapons. They’re totally familiar with the old ones and some of them are still applicable. They’re looking for the excitement of learning how to use new technology in the game to take the enemies down in new and different ways. Half of the fun is figuring out what the special capabilities of a weapon can do to a target, and then using it to advance in the game. We didn’t say that we want it to be too easy because we all love a good challenge.

Request #6: New territory to explore

Another wish is for the map to be expanded to include some new location s to explore. Take us into more of the Lovecraftian world that lies beyond the city. Show us how the other parts of the world have been changed by the events in the storyline that happened before the first game was even played. Bring in more about the consequences of time and how other storylines have been inspired by the events.

Request #7: Give us more terrible monsters

We’ve always been thrilled by monsters, even those we try to avoid. We’d like to see some new ones evolve so we can learn how to vanquish them, and better yet, how to escape while we’re learning how to kill them. How about creatures that evolved because of new infections that have spread through the other parts of the world?

Request #8: Players want more of the mythos

Bringing in more of the Cthulhu mythos would expand our imaginations and make the game even more interesting than the last one. Expanding the various possibilities in conjunction with a few more bits of information from the mythos is something that most of us can agree on as a cool new feature of the game. We’d love to see Bloodborne 2 take this aspect past its current limitations.

Request #9: Confirm a release date for Bloodborne 2

Trusted Reviews gives us a few more juicy tidbits about what the Bloodborne community really wants to see. One of the biggest is a definite confirmation that the developer is actually going to produce the game, then we want a definite release date. Hey, we all know that this isn’t the way it works in the gaming universe, but we can still dream, right? It’s something that gamers believe will happen with the PS5, but there’s really no way to tell until we get an official announcement

Request #10: Remove it further from Dark Souls

Some players are hoping that the sequel to Bloodborne won’t rely as much on references from the Dark Souls series. They’re hoping to see something different to keep it fresh and interesting. While it lived up to its promises, we’d like to see a few new systems for combat, just to change things up and make the playing experience a little different. We’re not looking for the same old thing. There are so many different possibilities that we’re just hoping to have a game with its own definitive persona.

Request #11: How about long-range combat?

The one thing that was missing in Dark Souls and Bloodborne, the original game was long-range combat. Players would like to see more powerful firearms that have a lot more range to them. They’d like to be able to cause damage from a distance instead of getting so close.

Request #12: Make it a cross-platform game

Most of us are hoping that Bloodborne 2 will be released on multiple platforms. We’d love to see it work on Xbox and PC as well as Play Station. The situation is this. Not everyone has a Play Station console and some simply are not going to go out and buy one so they can play the game. If the game would come out on a variety of platforms there would be a lot more people playing it. While it’s probably not going to happen because Sony is the owner of Bloodborne, it is something that we can all hope for anyway.

Request #13: Make Bloodborne 2 a Prequel

We’ve all experienced the power of prequels vs sequels. While it’s great to keep a game going in a forward progression, there’s a great deal of value in going backward in time to learn more about the story. Prequels can take us into an age that helps to answer a lot of the questions that we have. It can also open up more vistas and a variety of different directions to take the current iteration of the game. Screen Rant is on board for the developers to make the upcoming version a prequel that can fill us in on what we’ve missed in the storyline.

Request #14: Create new narratives

Most gamers love to have their imaginations inspired. The sequel that is anxiously anticipated might be more interesting if the narrative took on a new and exciting direction. While the original game was pretty good on its own, why not pull something out from its past that was only hinted at. There are infinite possibilities for creating a new narrative that would surpass the glory of the first in grand style. We talked about giving the game its own personality earlier and this is one way that the developers could accomplish that very thing. Perhaps an introduction of a new aspect of the lore that takes us into different areas with new missions would create its own kind of excitement. How about exploring the city of Yharnma when it was at its apex?

Request #15: Do away with the grinding for Vials

Quite a few players have indicated that they’d like to see the finding for blood vials done away with. This is one of the dishes on their list for the next release. They’d also like to see the Quicksilver bullets system done away with. Improving a game isn’t just about what the developers add to it, it’s also about what they take away. Hopefully, they’ve been monitoring the player reviews and the creators are listening to the feedback for the next game they’re working on.

Request #16: Give in and make the damned game

Gaming Scan lays out the facts that seem to be more dismal than bright. While those of us who love Bloodborne and want to see a sequel is looking for any encouraging signs, the developer hasn’t committed to developing the game. Since we’re talking about things on our laundry list here, it’s a good time to just be honest and let them know that players want to have a Bloodborne 2. We would really like to hear an official announcement that it’s going to happen. This isn’t something they’ve done yet. We’d just like to hear a yes or a no at least so we’ll know whether to keep hoping or if it’s time to move on and find something else to wish for.

Final thoughts

It’s been fun talking about the things we like about the original Bloodborne and the things that we don’t. In a perfect world, everyone would get what they want, but with wishes that are all over the board, it’s probably unlikely that such a game could even be created. Some want a prequel and others want to move on into the future. We looked at sixteen different items on gamers’ laundry list of hopes and wishes for a new Bloodborne release. We’ve established the fact that their number one hope is that the game will even be made by the developer. That would be good news, but it’s not something that is set in stone. Well, it’s really not something that has even been hinted at. A few gamers have taken the initiative and used their super-sleuthing skills to look for easter eggs that might be construed as clues, but is this all just wishful thinking? Are any of us even on the right track here? Whether or not Bloodborne 2 comes out, at least we’ve had our say, and you never know. It could be that someone out there will read this and take pity on the masses and give us what we desire.

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