Midnight Fight Express is a New Brawler Coming August 23rd

Midnight Fight Express is a new brawler by Humble Games. The story is a unique one in that it involves an anti-hero named “Babyface” going back to his old ways. A drone comes out of nowhere and relays the information that a criminal takeover is about to commence across the city. Therefore, he must battle his way through the streets and prevent this from happening. This game focuses on the culture of a seedy criminal underworld in its most barbaric form. Players will take Babyface through a number of gritty urban locations to trade blows with a number of foes. The combat in this game is deep, free-flowing, and nuanced. There is a list of fighting techniques to adopt. Not to mention that the environment itself can also be used as a weapon in sundry ways. Much like brawlers of yesteryear like Final Fight and Streets of Rage, this game is all about carnage.

Now, what is interesting about Midnight Fight Express is that it will be played from an isometric perspective. Players will see the level design at a convenient angle in terms of seeing all the layers put into it. There is a number of ways to take out enemies, including throwing them over railings, bashing them into walls, kicking them off ledges, and more. Not to mention that there are also melee weapons and firepower to utilize at the player’s whim. All of the moves in this game are motioned captured by veterans of the industry. Even though it’s a smaller indie project, some big talent had their hands on it. This game is coming out soon and a new trailer was recently dropped to showcase everything it has to offer. Even though this is a brawler, there is some variety in the action to keep everything fresh.

Bare Knuckled

The entire level layout is a weapon. Players will be able to bash heads into tables, counter attacks, body slam, unleash combos, and do ground attacks. There is also a “rage meter” that can be built up to help with crowd control. Babyface will be able to “one punch” enemies once this is activated, helping him get the upper hand during suffocating fights. There will also be contextual takedowns to use. Such as dropping a connex on a group of enemies, for example. The combat is designed to smoothly fight one person after another in a seamless fashion. Much like the Batman Arkham games did. Midnight Fight Express will be no easy journey, either. This game was made to be an old-school thumb blistering affair. There will also be a skill tree to unlock during the playthrough, gradually molding Babyface to be the type of fighter a player wants him to be.

Additionally, Midnight Fight Express will also have shootouts to help break up the action. Thus, there will be sections of the game involving hitting the streets on a motorcycle, truck, and even a train. Some of these types of levels will involve throwing hands, while others will consist of slinging lead. There will be over 40 different levels in this game. Each level will offer new challenges and different ways to fight. Pretty much every item showing the game can be used as a melee weapon. Everything from hand-held tools to even a toilet plunger. All these things come with their own animations and takedowns. There will be a plethora of enemy types to fight, each offering new strategies for players to memorize. The combat in this game will require timing, finesse, and power. Of course, players can make Babyface from a ninja-like martial arts master to a grappling expert, if they so choose.

Kissing Concrete

When it comes to Babyface, not only can players craft him to be a certain fighter, but they can also make him look anyway they want. There will be over 150 customizations regarding the aesthetics of this character. Players can even replay every level to rank themselves on the leaderboard. Thus, also unlocking new items and other rewards in the process. On top of that, players can also use the “Director’s Cut” option that basically lets them customize levels to their liking. They can choose which enemies to use, weapons, and other elements to personalize their task. No doubt that players will have their work cut out for them with this game. Even after they complete the story, there are all sorts of replayability factors to use. Everything from customizing levels to completing challenges. Completing the story in Midnight Fight Express is just the beginning.

With this current generation, brawlers seem to be slowly making a comeback. They were super popular during the 90s and it’s a mystery as to why they faded away. Whatever the case, Midnight Fight Express appears to be offering something rather satisfying. There is tons of variety in terms of the fighting and also the level design. There will also be a thumping soundtrack from Noisecream to keep the adrenaline flowing. Even though this game is a smaller production, it almost has a AA level of quality to it. There is some potential for this game to become a cult hit. Luckily, there is some attention accumulating for this IP which could very well make it become a success. Hence, perhaps more brawlers will start coming out that aren’t continuations of older titles. The brawler genre has been dormant for a long time and it’s good for it to be making a comeback.

Fist For Thought

There is a lot to look into with Midnight Fight Express. It may not be the biggest title on everyone’s radar, but there is no doubt that it was passionately crafted. This game is scheduled to be released on August 23rd. It will be available for the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC when it drops. Midnight Fight Express might be worth looking into for someone that is looking for something that is reminiscent of Jackie Chan’s old movies and martial arts cinema, in general. It might not have quite the same level of depth as Sifu, but it still has a lot going for it.


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