Fighting Game Locations that Exist in Real Life


The inspiration from the world of video games comes from various places.  Some video games are set in fantasy worlds that are the concoctions of designers and are 100% original.  However, in many cases the inspiration for many video game settings comes from real life.  One particular genre of video game that uses a ton of real life settings is fighting games.  Most fighting games take place all over the world so the games designers draw inspiration from famous landmarks around the globe.

If you’ve ever played a fighting game, 99% of the time you’ll recognize one of the locations you’re in.    While video game will continue to draw inspiration from real life places, here’s a small gallery reminder of some of the cool spots that have already been used in some classic fighting video games.

King of Fighters 98 and Spain’s La Alhambra de Granada


Fatal Fury 2 and Australia’s Uluru


Fatal Fury Special and Hong Kong’s Jumbo Floating Restaurant


Capcom vs SNK 2 and Venice’s Rialto Bridge


Street Fighter Alpha and Rome’s Colosseum


Fatal Fury Special and Seoul’s Namdaemun Gate


Street Fighter II and Thailand’s Ayutthaya.


Super Street Fighter II Turbo and Mexico’s Cabañas Cultural Institute.


Street Fighter EX and China’s Tiananmen Gate.


Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Greece’s Mykonos.


Images via Kturbio and Crayfish

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