When Mass Effect Meets Star Wars


Sometimes the mashups we feature here join two very disparate universes, but this is one that actually makes a fair bit of sense. In my opinion, Star Wars and Mass Effect are the two richest, most fleshed out sci-fi worlds in pop culture right now, and I’d love to see them combine somehow.

And you know what? It could happen. With Mass Effect taking place in our own galaxy, and Star Wars being in one far, far away, there’s no reason that someone can’t built the world’s biggest ME Relay and warp between the galaxies at one point or another.

The artist with the idea is Zarnala, and I hope she does more of these. Below you can see a Salarian Jedi and an N7 Stormtrooper. I personally would love to see a Krogan fighting a Rancor.



[via Nerd Approved]

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