President Camacho is Back With Remedies for America

Idiocracy is one of those movies that only gets more relevant over time, which is a scary prospect considering the content of the film. As American gets more commercialized, it also seems to get dumber, and as such it doesn’t seem like we’re all that far away from electing a President Camacho stand-in sometime in the not-too-distant future.

What if he was running today however? What if the ballot tomorrow as Obama, Romney, Camacho? Mike Judge and Terry Crews decided to enlighten us about what exactly Camacho’s policy positions would be in a series of rather fantastic Funny or Die shorts below.

Check them out, and I’m sure by the end, he’ll have your vote.

Update: For some reason I can’t embed them, but check them out over on Blastr where they’re all neatly arranged.

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