10 Things You Didn’t Know about Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders Genesis is an upcoming title in the Darksiders series. However, it isn’t the follow-up to 2018’s Darksiders III. Instead, it is a prequel with a much bigger emphasis on hack and slash action, meaning that it is a spin-off that hack and slash fans might want to check out. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Darksiders Genesis:

1. Introduces the Fourth Horseman

For those who are unfamiliar, the Darksiders series is headed up by the four siblings who make up its version of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Each of the previous titles has seen a new Horseman serve as the star, with War being the protagonist of Darksiders, Death being the protagonist of Darksiders II, and Fury being the protagonist of Darksiders III. As a result, it makes sense that the fourth Horseman Strife would be the protagonist of Darksiders Genesis.

2. The Fourth Horseman Has a Pair of Pistols

Since the Darksiders is so focused on action, it should come as no surprise to learn that each of the Four Horsemen has a very stand-out fighting style that makes excellent use of a very stand-out weapon. For example, War has his huge sword while Death has his scythe that can turn into a pair of smaller scythes. Meanwhile, Strife has a pair of pistols named Mercy and Redemption, which should provide interested individuals with plenty of insight into his particular sense of humor.

3. The Fourth Horseman Has a Horse

The title of Horseman implies the existence of a horse. Naturally, Strife has a phantom steed named Mayhem. Furthermore, it should be mentioned that Strife is entitled the Rider of the White Horse.

4. Not the Biblical Version

By this point, it should be clear that Strife is very far from his Biblical counterpart. For those who are unfamiliar, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ride on a white horse, a red horse, a black horse, and a pale horse. Generally speaking, the riders of the red horse, the black horse, and the pale horse are interpreted to be War, Famine, and Death. However, the rider of the white horse is much more mysterious. Sometimes, he is interpreted to be Pestilence. Other times, he is interpreted to be Conquest. On top of these interpretations, the rider of the white horse is even sometimes interpreted to be either Christ or the Antichrist.

5. War Is Playable As Well

Besides Strife, it is interesting to note that War is playable in Darksiders Genesis as well, which should come as welcome news for those who have missed his presence since the initial Darksiders. As such, Strife would be the character for people who want to play a long-range character in hack and slash, whereas War would be the character for people who want to play someone who is all about getting up close and personal.

6. There Is Co-Op

The Four Horsemen are siblings. Moreover, while they may not be particularly eager to show it, every single one of them has a genuine measure of concern for one another. As a result, the Horsemen are excellent characters for co-op play. Something that is particularly true for a pair such as Strife and War, whose relationship seems to be filled with sibling bickering. Those who are curious should know that both local and online co-op are potential options for them.

7. The Horsemen Are Nephilim

It is interesting to note that the Four Horsemen are said to be Nephilim. However, they aren’t Nephilim in the traditional sense but rather Nephilim in a sense that has become somewhat popular in certain kinds of fantasy fiction. In short, Nephilim tend to be regarded as the children of “the sons of God” with “the daughters of men.” Generally speaking, this is interpreted to mean that they were sired by fallen angels, though there is enough room for interpretation that there are other versions out there. In the Darksiders series, Nephilim are the children of angels and demons, which is only possible when a setting has these two factions being two separate species.

8. The Horsemen Are the Last Nephilim

Speaking of which, it is interesting to note that the Four Horsemen are the last of the Nephilim. Story-wise, the Nephilim waged war against both Heaven and Hell when they were expelled from the Garden of Eden to make room for humans. Four of the Nephilim became concerned by the implications of this for the cosmos as a whole, with the result that they chose to side with the Charred Council responsible for maintaining the balance between Heaven and Hell. Their very first mission became the extermination of the rest of the Nephilim, which is why they are the last living examples of their kind.

9. The Horsemen Are Not Very Nice People

Based on this, it should be clear that the Four Horsemen are not very nice people. They are fighting for a worthwhile cause. Furthermore, they have higher principles that they are willing to hold to even when there are important things at stake. However, the Four Horsemen are fundamentally the kind of people who are willing to go to extreme lengths in order to protect the cosmos as a whole, which is something that has left its marks on them.

10. Prequel

As stated earlier, Darksiders Genesis is a prequel to the main Darksiders titles. Thanks to this, it is a good way for interested individuals to get a look at how two of the Four Horsemen interacted with one another before everything that went down in the first Darksiders. Besides this, some people might be curious about Darksiders Genesis because of its story as well. Apparently, said game will cover how the Seven Seals came to be. Of course, the Seven Seals are the seven seals on the book containing secret information meant for the figure called the “Lion of Judah,” with the opening of each seal resulting in an apocalyptic event of some kind. In fact, the first four seals are the ones that unleash the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the Bible. Meanwhile, in the Darksiders series, the Seven Seals serve a very similar role in that they are meant to be broken when humans were ready for the End War.

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