8 Most Exciting Games Announced at E3


So I am a new writer here at Unreality and it took much deliberating over what would be the first thing I could cover. Rather than struggling to think of something, it was more of a spoilt for choice scenario, especially with the amount of things going on recently. There was one huge thing staring at me in the face that I could no longer avoid.

Without further ado, I am Lewis and this is the 8 Most Exciting Games Announced at E3 2016….

Telltale Games’ Batman


No, that picture is not an actual screenshot from the upcoming game, though not incredibly far off. If you’re a fan of Telltale, you’re going to very much be looking forward to this addition to the family, joining the ever-growing list of popular games with the likes of; “Game of Thrones”, “Walking Dead” and “Borderlands” already covered. If you’re not already familiar with Telltale, their games take you through a wild ride of original storyline, making moral choices that heavily affect the outcome of your own game and overall a fully immersive experience. Due for release September 2016.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole


What looks like to be a wonderful and hilarious successor to 2014’s “South Park: The Stick of Truth” – “The Fractured But Whole” heavily features around Cartman’s caped alter-ego “The Coon”, even adding the whole superhero concept and clothing customisation to you, the protagonist. One thing we all learned from the previous game is that South Park was more than capable of being turned into quite a damn fun and fulfilling RPG, with this only looking to build on that success. Due for release December 2016.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


How could I not include this? Possibly one of the biggest things announced at the whole event, another Zelda game coming our way – and it looks awesome. Like some beautiful, Link-riddled, cel-shaded paradise, it is bringing back our beloved hero in a game that looks like some hybrid baby between “Ocarina of Time”, “Twilight Princess” and “Wind Waker”. This time things are slightly different. For the first time since we first saw his lovely, blonde, flowing locks of hair hit our screen, Link (and you) have a lot of new and realistic elements to look forward to. Things such as the ability to craft weapons yourself, the need to cook food in order to replenish health, being quieter on your feet as to not scare away potential prey and even being careful and more observant of the weather in case you get caught in extreme heat/cold, needing a change of clothes to adapt to each scenario. Completely open world, with no predetermined and strict path, this is one to be excited for. Due for release 2017.

Detroit: Become Human


Personally I do not own a PS4, but if I ever did see a trailer or game that made me want to buy one – it’s Detroit: Become Human. From the same people that brought you “Heavy Rain”, Quantic Dream brings you this futuristic, neo-noir thriller where you play as several possible characters in a world where humans and androids co-exist. One playable character is Kara, an android who escapes from her factory where she was made with her now being sentient. Another is Connor, an android himself who hunts down deviant androids.. I know this story may seem slightly familiar cough Blade Runner cough, but I’d really give the trailer a go before you judge. With the ability to make a ridiculous amount of decisions to almost everything you do, even something as small as what you have for breakfast can have a huge effect on your storyline. Plenty of crime scenes to investigate, plenty of dialogue to indulge in and plenty of over-analysing choices you’ve already made, this beauty’s release date is yet to be announced.

God of War


The next in the series of the popular Playstation-exclusive franchise, the new “God of War” promises to be something different to what fans are used to. Still seemingly the blood frenzy that is something you expect from someone that looks like a long-lost brother to Mortal Kombat’s Quan Chi, this new instalment is heavily based around new challenges for Kratos he has never faced before – namely fatherhood. Admittedly shaped by the director’s (Cory Barlog) personal life, it seems to add a more emotional level to the hack and slash gorefest, even the ability to “level up” your son. Insisting it isn’t a reboot when he only referred to it as “God of War” and not “God of War 4”, there’s no doubt it’s definitely something to look forward to. Release date is yet to be announced.

Titanfall 2


Something that initially didn’t cause as much of a stir when first revealed, the more people learned about the second instalment – the more excited they got. “Titanfall 2” was promised to improve a lot of things that bothered most fans about the mech-laden war game; multiplayer, gameplay and customisation among them. The biggest thing that turned heads though, was the all-new single player campaign. Adding a new dimension to the game as a whole, what looks like to be a gritty and substantial storyline (single player trailer) these improvements really do seem to indicate one thing – this may be the “Titanfall” they promised with the first one. Due for release October 2016.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare


It’s not really an E3 list if at least one CoD game isn’t here. I won’t lie though, this one finally looks different. I apologise in advance to “Call of Duty” fans if this offends, but the sheer amount of them released is simply ridiculous and unnecessary. There has been a handful of “Rainbow Six” games released in the same amount of time an armada of CoD games have stormed the world, with Infinity Ward, Treyarch and possibly Sledgehammer Games seemingly going for quantity over quality. This one though, looks pretty amazing. With the beloved features and gameplay of CoD people love, mixed with SPACE.. I feel I needn’t say more. Due for release November 2016.

Battlefield 1


On a personal level, this is one I am really fidgeting in my chair for. One of my favourite CoD games was “Call of Duty: World at War”, one of my favourite online FPS was “Battlefield 3” – to essentially get a beautiful mix between them in “Battlefield 1” looks something made of dreams for me. Set in World War One, this features the non-stop action of it’s predecessors, with the old-timey atmosphere you’d expect from its based time period. Complete with airships, tanks, biplanes and even HORSES, this next addition to one heck of a franchise is due for release October 2016.

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  1. An incredible insight into what is to come, this article is way better then the usual top 8’s etc… that give near to no information and just title with little blurb, thanks and nice one for getting me excited for even more games now >.<

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