Not much to say here other than this is a damn good piece of art from Priya Johal. It’s a rendering of her Shepard of choice in Mass Effect, and one that looks suspiciously like mine. Well, like my Renegade at least, my Paragon is a blue-eyed Asian guy.

And because she’s such a badass, mine also has these same sort of scars, although hers are glowing red, because apparently being a dick to people makes you the devil incarnate somehow.

Go here to see more of Priya’s stuff at her site.

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  1. Cool, but why the heck did the artist make this version of Shepard look almost exactly like Samus Aran, what with the blonde hair and blue suit? Couldn’t be a little more creative?

  2. I’ve noticed that everyone usually plays female Shep renegade, while they play male Shep as paragon. It’s odd. But I guess male Shep Renegade just sounds like a douche.

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