So How About that Grand Theft Auto V Trailer?


Now that Halo, AC3 and Black Ops are out, the honor of Next Most Anticipated Game falls to one title and one title only, Grand Theft Auto V. Realizing their moment was at hand, Rockstar released a second trailer for the game that actually clues us into the story.

A few things to note. A) It looks gorgeous B) It looks hilarious and C) I totally agree with our own Dave Bast that it’s rather stupid that after all these years, with THREE¬†protagonists¬†they couldn’t make one of them a woman. I guess not everyone is Valve or Joss Whedon.

That said, I’m still really looking forward to this game as it seems both less dark than the depressing GTA IV, but not veering all the way to Saints Row absurdity. What do you think?

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  1. So a good story can’t be told unless it’s totally PC? Give me a break. I love how people (not just you, I’ve seen this “Why isn’t there a female character?” opinion elsewhere) think writers are supposed to enter into their work with the mindset “Okay, so which character can I make into a woman.” “Which character can I make black (but rarely ever think about which to make Asian, Indian, or Native American, etc.)?” Like they’re just throwing minorities / women a bone, and not developing characters solely for the sake of good storytelling.

    I usually play female avatars in games like Fallout, Oblivion, Saints Row, etc., but those games are more solo focused, where it doesn’t matter who your character is, it’s going to do the same thing in the world filled with other independent characters. In this GTA5, it looks like your character isn’t just part of the story, it’s a part of the world, too. The inter-character relations are really fleshed out, and disrupting the experience by changing race / gender may just make it awkward. Other games will probably have strong female, world-integrated characters, and I do hate how a lot of times women are just eye candy aimed at marketing to a juvenile, male demographic.

    This issue comes up when they cast traditionally white characters with black actors in movies. I’m of the opinion that artistic vision shouldn’t be disrupted for the sake of political correctness, but at the same time they should work to better develop traditionally black/female characters into their own character driven stories. I’d love to see a Power Man and Iron Fist movie, I’d love to see Days of Future Past revolve around a Bishop character. That said, it would be a bit like spitting on Claremont’s X-Men if Colossus, a character portrayed as a freshwater fish (USSR farmer) in a saltwater ocean of sharks (American super-hero), was portrayed with a black actor. Russia isn’t exactly noted for their large African-descended population.
    It may work sometimes (Kingpin, American mob boss portrayed by MCD, was great) but the line blurs when that character’s background is much more internationally-integrated.

    And yeah, I’m a heterosexual guy, so maybe there’s a bias, but I think I’m being fair.

  2. Completely agree with Bad Acid. I think this PC/diversity nonsense goes a bit far when people complain about the gender of the protagonist for no other reason than they feel they should.

    Why stop there? Why not also complain that one of the characters doesnt have a disability? Perhaps randomly plonking an African, mute, quadriplegic dwarf from the future as a fourth character would make sure everyone’s catered for.

    It no doubt would, however it would make no sense whatsoever!!

    What would a female character bring to the game? An insight into how a criminal deals with horny male admirers, an addiction to shoes and a monthly cycle? There’s simply no need for it as a story telling mechanism so why add it?

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