The 20 Best Adopt Me Pets in Roblox


Adopting a new pet is always a rewarding experience. There’s no denying that adorable furballs, bubbly fish, and furry mice with huge ears make our hearts melt and make us want to give them all the love they deserve. It’s the same when it comes to the world of Adopt Me, a virtual game that allows players to adopt pets from different fauna found in the Roblox universe.

What Are Roblox Adopt Me Pets?

Like other games in ROBLOX, Adopt Me is also a sandbox game where players can interact and play interactive games. The goal is to adopt and care for various pets that hatch from eggs. The pets you find in the Pet Shop vary depending on their rarity, as they range from common to legendary. Therefore, your choice of pets to adopt may depend on your personal preference or even personality. However, you can choose to also go for the most popular pets. Are you unsure of which pet to get? Let’s explore some of the best Adopt Me Pets available in Roblox.

20. Kitsune

Kitsune are Japanese fox spirits who embody various traits. They are prized for both their intelligence and skills in trickery. Among the most popular kitsune is Kyubi, the nine-tailed kitsune in Japanese mythology responsible for wreaking havoc upon humankind. In Adopt Me, Kitsune are legendary pets that you can buy from the pet shop for 600 Roblox coins. Players who get a Kitsune will be delighted to know that there’s no limit to how many of these you can own since they’re easy to care for. While a kitsune has nine tails in Japanese legend, it only has seven in Roblox. The kitsune first made its appearance on July 10, 2020, with the first buyers getting it at a 50% discount for the first two weeks. Initially, you could find the kitsune on a pedestal in the Pet Shop. Adopt Me later moved it next to the Panda, Sloth, and Horse after the 2020 Halloween event.

19. Snow Owl

The snow owl is a large white owl native to the Arctic tundra. In Roblox, the snow owl is a legendary pet that Adopt Me released in the 2020 Winter Holiday Event. Then, it was selling for 10,000 gingerbread. You can only find it now through trading with other players. This owl, as expected, is easy to care for and has several exciting tricks that may interest you. For example, upon equipping the pet, it will fly up and down as it flaps its wings. There are two other variations of the snow owl, one with a neon appearance on some of the front feathers and another with a mega neon appearance that cycles through the rainbow. The latter also has stilted neon trails that extend from its back and through the sky.

18. Peacock

Here comes a large and colorful bird native to the Indian subcontinent. Peacocks are famous because of their feathers and their ability to do precise movements, such as dancing in courtship displays. It’s also available in other parts of Asia, but it’s not that common. In Roblox, peacocks are big birds with long tails and enormous wings. These birds are legendary pets that you can acquire from the pet shop for 550 Robux. Unlike most pets, there is no limit to how many peacocks you can purchase from the Pet Shop. Players can get fun with the different colors and patterns of the peacock’s feathers.

17. Panda

Pandas are a symbol of China globally, and Adopt Me is no different. The panda is an ultra-rare pet that you can purchase from the pet shop for 249 Roblox coins. It’s easy to care for, but it’s also hard to get since its rarity makes it hard to find in the game’s trading system. The pet was one of the additions during the 2020 Lunar New Year Update. It’s the only pet from the bear family that you can purchase with Robux coins.

16. Shark

Sharks are apex predators that vary significantly in size and behavior from species to species. In Roblox, sharks are large aquatic animals with a jaw full of razor-sharp teeth. You can find sharks in the deep sea, but it’s not hard to find these in the ocean because developers often make them spawn in the oceans. Although it’s no longer available as a pet, you can get it by hatching an ocean egg or trading with other players.

15. Bats

Bats are mammals that live worldwide and can be found from tropical rainforests to cool caves. Some species feed on fruits, while others prey on insects. In Roblox, bats are popular because players have different colors, designs, and species of bats in the game. It’s easy to care for, but it’s classified as an uncommon pet because it can be hard to find in the trading system. When Adopt Me released the bat in the Halloween event of 2020, it was selling for 1000 candy. Now, you can either find it from trading or when you land a Bat Box.

14. Halloween Golden Mummy Cat

The Halloween Golden Mummy Cat is a legendary pet only available during Halloween. This cat has a pink color with golden decorations on its body, eyes, and tail. It also has two visible green jewels under its chest and two red jewels under its eyes. As you can see, this cat has Egyptian-inspired decorations, and it’s considered a legendary pet in the game. The Halloween Golden Mummy Cat costs 600 candy corn to purchase from the pet shop.

13. Skele-Rex

The Skele-Rex is a legendary pet introduced in the 2020 Halloween Event. The Adopt Me described this creature as an “ancient, undead dinosaur with a bit of a hard time controlling his bones.” It’s sharp toothed and has glowing red eyes. Like other pets in the game, it is also easy to care for. The pet has a Mega version, which includes bigger eyes, a more detailed design, and burning flames on its tail. It was among the most expensive pets at 10,0000 candy during its release. You can now find it through trading.

12. Sasquatch

Sasquatch is a mythical creature associated with Bigfoot since the early 1900s. This large, hairy humanoid is the basis of folklore and pop cultures in North America. In Roblox, Sasquatch is a rare pet introduced alongside the mythic egg. It’s an old and wise creature, yet it’s still very intimidating to players encountering it for the first time. You can only get it by hatching a mythic egg or trading it with other players. Getting a mythical egg does not necessarily mean you will get a Sasquatch. You only have a 17% chance to hatch this rare pet.

11. Axolotl

The axolotl is a legendary pet released with the aquatic egg. This pet with a reptile head and an axolotl body is a type of salamander native to Mexico. It’s easy to care for but can be very expensive due to its rarity. The pet costs 600 Robux, and you will only get one by trading with other players. The arrival of the Axolotl paved the way for a summer sale where the early adopters could get the pet at 300 Robux.

10. Parrot

The legendary Parrot can be found through trading or hatching the remaining jungle eggs due to its unavailability. It’s an impressive bird with a unique color scheme that resembles the parrots used in ancient times. The Adopt Me described it as a “splendidly colored and majestic parrot.” This exotic pet is easy to care for but hard to get because its rarity makes it hard to find in the trading system. You only have a 3% chance of getting this legendary pet through hatching. However, you can show it off and trade it for another pet once you do.

9. Phoenix

If you want to land the Phoenix pet, you must trade it with other players or hatch it from a Mythic egg. It was introduced as a legendary pet on August 19, 2021. Phoenix is a firebird that protects itself from danger by bursting into flames when threatened. They are considered intelligent, but they’re hard to tame. You can enjoy its unique color scheme and glowing eyes when you’ve acquired this pet. The Adopt Me described it as “a beautiful and elegant mythical creature.”

8. Arctic Reindeer

One of the rarest pets to find in Adopt Me is the Arctic Reindeer. It’s not available anymore, but you can still find it when you hatch Christmas eggs or trade it with other players. In Roblox, this legendary pet is white resembles a reindeer living in arctic colonies. You can also see distinctive antlers on its head and markings on its snout. The Arctic Reindeer is hard to tame because it’s very skittish. However, being one of the rarest pets, it is easy to look after.

7. Halloween White Skeleton Dog

The Halloween White Skeleton Dog is a legendary pet introduced in the Halloween Event of 2021. It has white and gray decals on its body and skull-shaped markings on its eyes. This undead creature comes from the depths of hell but can be quickly taken care of. It has green eyes and a skeleton body with a visible ribcage. The Adopt Me describes it as “a nightmarish yet furry dog.”

6. Giraffe

The Giraffe pet comes from Safari eggs and is one of the most expensive legendary pets in the game. According to Adopt Me, it is a giant, elegant giraffe. It’s iconic, cute, and has a unique color scheme that is easy to care for. However, only a few of them are found in trading and maybe hatching an egg you have received from Easter items. You have a 3% chance of hatching this legendary pet from a Safari egg, or you can trade it for 750 bucks.

5. Evil Unicorn

Evil unicorns are the rarest legendary pet on the game. To get one, you’ve got to trade it with other players. It was among the pets introduced in the 2019 Halloween Event and has a similar appearance to the benevolent ruler over all of Equestria, Princess Celestia from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. However, unlike Princess Celestia, this unicorn is devilish and has black, glowing eyes and sharp teeth. This evil creature comes from hell and can be very aggressive if provoked.

4. Monkey King

The Monkey King is a legendary pet introduced in the 2020 Easter Event. It has a monkey head with red eyes and a long, brown body. This mythical creature is powerful and can be very strong when provoked. However, it’s also playful but can be very aggressive to people it doesn’t know. You can find this pet by combining three staff ingredients and a monkey or trading with other players. You can only get the staff ingredients by purchasing premium monkey boxes.

3. Ninja Monkey

The Ninja Monkey is a legendary pet that you can find through trading with other players or hatching it from an Easter Egg. It has a light blue color scheme, red eyes, and a black Kitsune mask. Like the Monkey King, this mythical creature has one of the most iconic color schemes in the game. This pet doesn’t stand still because it likes to jump around and walk around when you’re not paying attention to it. You can transform an ordinary monkey into a ninja monkey by combining it with three scroll ingredients from monkey boxes.

2. Shadow Dragon

The Shadow Dragon is a legendary pet exclusive to the 2019 Halloween update. Then, you could get it by purchasing the game pass for 1000 Robux. However, you can only obtain it through trading with other players since the event is over. It has black and gold scales on its body, large lavender glowing eyes, and a long tail. It resembles a mythical creature known as Ryu from Street Fighter II. The shadow dragon is only visible at night.

1. Frost Dragon

The Frost Dragon is a legendary pet that can be very hard to get since it was only available during the Christmas update of 2019. It has a long, brown body with white stripes and black horns on its head. The frost dragon is majestic with icy blue scales, horns, and spikes on its back. However, you can only find it by trading with other traders.

Summing Up

Choosing a pet in Roblox is entirely up to the player. Some pets are rare and hard to find, but others are easy to get. If you decide to go for the rarest pets, it’s best to start playing very early, trading with other players, and hatching eggs. However, it’s essential to note that the best pet is not necessarily the rarest. It might even be a common pet. What matters is if you like the pet or not.

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